Saturday, July 20, 2024
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TWRA Makes Small Regulation Change For Fall Creek Falls Large-Mouth Bass

The 2023 Tennessee Fishing Guide is now available with one small change in regulations at Fall Creek Falls.

TWRA Communications Coordinator Mime Barnes said the annual guide covers fishing regulations statewide. She said this includes large and small reservoirs, community fishing lakes, and streams and rivers.

“There’s a change for large-mouth bass at Fall Creek Falls, 10 fish per day is the creel limit, and only one fish longer than 16 inches can be harvested,” Barnes said. “And then a few other things for blue-gill, red-ear, crappie, and catfish in that small reservoir.”

Barnes said the regulation updates are all scientifically based. She said they have creel clerks and biologists that collect data across the state to look at the age classes of all species of fish.

Barnes said that information helps TWRA set creel limits and size requirements on each body of water. She said that will ensure the health of the fish and the population of fish in the future.

“It is for everybody and everybody must follow the law,” Barnes said. “You can pick up a hard copy version or you can download a PDF version to your smart phone so you can have it on you at all times.”