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Baxter To Allow Food Trucks At Festivals And Events Only

Baxter Aldermen passed an ordinance Wednesday that limits food trucks to festivals and school events only and requires annual safety inspections from the city. Baxter Mayor John Martin said safety inspections will cost $50. Truck owners who fail to display a certificate of a passed inspection will be fined $50 daily. Martin said the board felt that this ordinance was ... Read More »

Crossville Cruisers Down To 4 Events; Some Residents Unhappy

Some Crossville residents unhappy with the reduction in the Crossville Cruisers event from the normal seven to four. Crossville Cruisers member Victor Torasso said he believes there is a misconception that the city council is trying to shut the group down, but this is not the case. Crossville City Council did pass a change to its ordinances concerning the closure ... Read More »

Sale Of Wine Official In Algood, Officials Set Permit Process

Algood City Administrator Keith Morrison said there will be a learning curve as the city prepares to open permits for the sale of wine. The city council approved the final reading of an ordinance that adds the process to the municipal code. Morrison said the new guidelines will start in two weeks. “We’ve reached out to MTAS,” Morrison said. “We ... Read More »

Algood Approves First Reading Of Wine Ordinance

Algood City Council approved on first reading an ordinance that would allow wine in retail stores. The item was approved by referendum on the city ballot in the November election. Mayor Lisa Chapman-Fowler said this would be the first step in the process. “Since that has now come to pass,” Chapman-Fowler said. “We need our own ordinances to guide us ... Read More »

Cookeville Approves Street Closure Ordinance

Cookeville City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance that formalizes its temporary street closure process. Provisions in the ordinance include a requirement to notify businesses of street closures, and a limit of street closures per year to two per event sponsor. Councilman Ali Bagci moved to approve the ordinance, on the condition to increase the number of events ... Read More »

Livingston Could Improve Payment Process Of Hotel Motel Tax

An amendment to Livingston’s Hotel Motel Tax Ordinance could be on the way after a Tuesday town hall with local short-term rental owners. The meeting served as an open discussion over the 4 percent city tax due on the 20th of each month. Property Owner Cody Campbell said the city should explore filing with Airbnb to improve the payment process. ... Read More »

Monterey Aldermen Address Hiring Procedures For City Attorneys

The Monterey Board Aldermen approved the first and second reading of an ordinance Monday that outlines the process of hiring for a city attorney. Aldermen Jim Whittaker said the original procedures caused confusion and needed clarification. “The reason for this ordinance in my opinion is we had so much problems with the hiring of the lawyer, and it just wasn’t ... Read More »

Algood Approves Changes For New Court Software, E-Citations

Algood City Council approved changes to some of its court operations Tuesday night. One being the first reading of an ordinance that establishes reasonable court costs and litigation tax. Mayor Lisa Chapman Fowler said this was a standard move. “We have had it discussed with Municipal court specialist at MTAS who has advised us on this,” Fowler said. “We also ... Read More »

Baxter Issues Ordinances Amending Fuel Storage, Construction Requirements

Baxter City Council passed an ordinance Thursday night amending fuel storage requirements. Building and Codes Official Bob Lane said that Baxter’s current ordinance does not allow for more than 500 gallons of combustible liquid above ground. Lane said that the new ordinance will prohibit only gasoline citing its volatility. He said that the need for the amendment came about to ... Read More »