Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Sale Of Wine Official In Algood, Officials Set Permit Process

Algood City Administrator Keith Morrison said there will be a learning curve as the city prepares to open permits for the sale of wine.

The city council approved the final reading of an ordinance that adds the process to the municipal code. Morrison said the new guidelines will start in two weeks.

“We’ve reached out to MTAS,” Morrison said. “We confer with our attorney on what we are doing, and so, we’ve got a permit downstairs that will allow those folks that wish to participate to come in and file the permit. Then, we will go through the process to begin seeing how that is going to work for us.”

Morrison said the city used Cookeville’s ordinance as an example while creating the process. Morrison said he expects wine to be sold in retail stores such as Walmart in a few months.

“I don’t think this goes to anybody. I think it goes through a state process to be approved,” Morrison said. “If they meet requirements, I think it is an automatic approval. I think the state portion they have to apply for which would entitle them to our portion once they meet all those requirements. It is still new to us, so we are trying to figure it out.”

A public hearing was held before the council voted on the item. Morrison said no residents spoke for or against the ordinance during that time. The majority of Algood voters in November supported the referendum.

“I think this will be an increase in sales for Walmart and increase in sales tax revenue for the city,” Morrison said. “I think it will benefit residents in the long run.”