Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Livingston Could Improve Payment Process Of Hotel Motel Tax

An amendment to Livingston’s Hotel Motel Tax Ordinance could be on the way after a Tuesday town hall with local short-term rental owners.

The meeting served as an open discussion over the 4 percent city tax due on the 20th of each month. Property Owner Cody Campbell said the city should explore filing with Airbnb to improve the payment process.

“The taxes that the renter pays when they rent short-term property does go through Airbnb,” Campbell said. “We don’t designate those taxes. That’s something the state has done or whoever taxes short-term rentals. Every month is a huge burden to us as owners.”

City Attorney John Meadows said he was unaware of the possibility. Property Owner Tosha Clemons said the city of Cookeville has a partnership with Airbnb where the company pays the taxes due to the city on behalf of the owner.

“It is automated for us, and then that makes sure you guys are getting your money as well instead of putting it on to us,” Clemons said.

Mayor Curtis Hayes said he would explore the option with Airbnb and anticipates an amendment to be shared during Febraury’s city council meeting.

“If there is a way to make this easier and accessible for the folks that own an Airbnb, we will certainly do it,” Hayes said. “It’s not our goal to make this a hindrance to anyone.”

Hayes said if the tax is paid on time, the four percent decreases to two percent. Hayes said starting February, short-term rentals will require a business license.