Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Local Baxter Pet Business Wants The City To Have Stronger Ordinances For Pet Welfare

A Baxter pet-grooming business is asking Baxter Mayor and Aldermen if there is a way to create stricter animal welfare rules.

Baxter’s Dog House Owner Renee Crandall said the current state law only requires animals to have food, water, and shelter. She said after seeing many instances of neglect, including animals covered in urine, feces, and fleas, she hopes something can be done.

“Right now the laws are so vague that if the police see something that they know is wrong and an animal needs help,” Crandall said. “They don’t have any ordinance that will help back them up so that they can say something.”

Crandall said she knows in some cases it is not about animal abuse, but the fact that an owner cannot even take care of themselves, let alone an animal due to financial status, mental health, or other factors. She said the end goal is to bring awareness and educational tools to the people of Baxter in hopes of making these conditions a little better.

Crandall said she plans to speak with the city attorney about what options they might be able to take moving forward. She said though it will be a longer process than she would like, she will continue researching similar towns and ordinances in hopes of giving the city of Baxter inspiration to form its own.

“In my perfect world I would’ve walked in and they would’ve all said of course,” Crandall said. “But I understand that there’s a process that has to happen, and you know I’ve got some younger employees that I’m happy to have them along because I feel like the youth is where our future’s at and getting them involved in the civic-minded activities to help animals. And when the city attorney said he’d meet with me, I saw that as an opening.”