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Monterey PD Expects Minor Traffic At Weekend Festival

The Monterey Police Department is expecting a smooth weekend as thousands are expected for the Freedom Fest concerts Friday and Saturday. Police Chief Bill Randolph said the venue sits about five miles away from downtown. “We’ve had plenty of notice,” Randolph said. “We knew this was going to take place, so we have some extra vehicles going to be out ... Read More »

Monterey To Reopen Firetruck Bids After Criteria Was Not Met

Monterey wants to rebid a ladder truck purchase after just one bid was received. Mayor Nathan Walker said the truck’s age, mileage and condition did not match the city’s criteria. “Buying used equipment of course there is a lot of challenges,” Walker said. “You have to make sure everything is certified and maintenance is kept up to date. Obviously, we ... Read More »

Monterey Hires Wood As New City Attorney

Monterey hired Brad Wood as the town’s new attorney Monday night. Earlier this year, the Monterey Board of Alderman voted to terminate the relationship with former City Attorney Will Mullins. Mayor Nathan Walker said after being without a city attorney recently, he talked to several. Walker said Wood was highly recommended. “I’m glad to be back up here again, I ... Read More »

TennGreen Requests Monterey To Restore Plants After Bee Rock Work

Monterey will look to replenish native plants around the TennGreen conservancy easement after clearing too far past the boundaries into the Bee Rock property. Monterey Mayor Nathan Walker said the TennGreen Land Conservancy sent a letter to the town regarding improvements made to the parking area. “They were actually very nice, and they just kind of reiterated that they would ... Read More »

Monterey Committee Outlines Spending Plan For State Budget Money

The Monterey Building and Grounds Committee created a preliminary checklist on how to spend $200,000 of state funding Tuesday. The state budget included money to be specifically used to improve Meadow Creek Park and construct a soccer field. Mayor Nathan Walker said a good baseline to start at is $150,000 for a multi-use field. “We can’t obviously complete our vision ... Read More »

Cookeville And Monterey Community Pools Open To The Public

The Putnam County Parks and Recreation Department opened the Cookeville and Monterey community pools. Program Coordinator Chloe Beasley said there will be no COVID restrictions unlike the past two summers. “We’re super excited to offer that service to the public again this year,” Beasley said. “We really missed interacting with the public the last years when we were closed to ... Read More »

Monterey Wins Court Victory In Dispute Over Bee Rock Easement

A court victory for the town of Monterey in the ongoing dispute over the entrance to Bee Rock as the State Court of Appeals denied the appeal of the Garden Inn’s owners. Michael and Mirtha Kopec challenged a lower court ruling that said there was a clear easement granted to the natural area and that the Garden Inn owners knew ... Read More »

Monterey Budget Amendments Passed To Balance Some $200 K Of Extra Costs

Monterey’s fiscal year-end budget amendments came in more expensive than expected this year. Mayor Nathan Walker said costs came in some $230,000 over budget. Walker said he believes a lot of it has to do with fuel costs. “There’s no real concern,” Walker said. “We were in pretty good shape, and we were able to absorb that pretty well. I’m ... Read More »

American Chestnuts From Monterey Sampled For Breeding Project

American Chestnut trees from Monterey’s Meadow Creek Park are being used in a project to breed a blight resistant species. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Student Hannah Nelms is working on the American Chestnut Project. Nelms said she has taken samples from Monterey to the university’s greenhouse for its genetic make up. “I’m originally from Cookeville,” Nelms said. “I went ... Read More »