Monday, April 22, 2024
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Monterey Aldermen To Consider Match For TDOT Grant

The Monterey Board of Aldermen to consider a match for a some $1 million TDOT grant in its December meeting.

Alderman Bill Wiggins said members will consider putting $367,000 of federal COVID money towards the grant. Wiggins said extending the trail at Burkes Middle School is the main target.

“That will complete that leg of the trail,” Wiggins said. “It will also alleviate a safety concern about students walking to school on a busy Crossville Street.”

Wiggins said that project would include a sidewalk extension up to the housing authority property near Romine Avenue. Wiggins said the grant funding could also be used to fix erosion under a sidewalk at Whitaker Park.

Wiggins said lastly, the funding could be used for an extension of the Rail Trail. Wiggins said the official direction of the grant funding will have to be decided by the Board of Aldermen if the match passes.