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Monterey Water And Sewer Paving Project Completes Under Budget

Monterey putting the wraps on its water and sewer and paving projects to extend service under I-40. James C. Hailey and Company CMFO Zeda Hillis said that the town was fortunate they were able to come in some $60,000 under budget “Because of the time constraints and him coming in under and working faster, we coordinated with TDOT to close ... Read More »

Monterey To Use ARP Funds For Depot Outdoor Seating Project

Monterey to move forward with a plan to use American Rescue Plan funding for an outdoor seating area at the depot. Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said the plan is to have a construction of a platform from the caboose to the dining car outside of the depot. He said the estimated $85,000 project will coincide with a current project to ... Read More »

Indictment Returned Against Murder, Kidnapping Suspect Caught In Monterey

A man accused of a murder and kidnapping that lead to searches in Monterey this past July has been indicted. 27-year-old Tyler Rios received a six-count indictment Friday for murdering 24-year old Yasemin Uyar, kidnapping their son and desecrating her remains. Law enforcement seized Rios in July at the Bethel Inn Hotel in Monterey. Rios then lead officers to a ... Read More »

Monterey’s Scarepoles Return As A Community Decorating Contest

A unique type of scarecrow comes out each fall in Monterey. The town’s Scarepoles return after a successful inaugural event last year. Aldermen Amy Martin said each participant is assigned a utility pole which serves as the starting point to build a unique scarecrow. “The best thing that it does is bring smiles to all of the community, and people ... Read More »

Mountain Rhythms Concert In Monterey Headlining Craig Morgan Rescheduled

Monterey’s inaugural Mountain Rhythms Music Festival featuring Craig Morgan has been postponed. The event was originally scheduled for October 7th. Mayor JJ Reels said the new show date comes Friday, October 29th. “Something going on with Craig, and I am not sure exactly what it was,” Reels said. “But, he had to cancel seven concerts in the month of October, ... Read More »

Monterey Considering New Bee Rock Hours And Kiosk For Guests

Continuing issues of late night Bee Rock visitors could lead to modified park hours. Monterey’s Board of Aldermen will consider changing the hours to sunrise to sunset after Tuesday’s Building and Grounds Committee meeting. Garden Inn Owner Mirtha Kopec said people continue to wander into the private property of the neighboring inn. “Then, we can say look at the times, ... Read More »

Monterey To Invest More Into Tourism Exposure In Tennessee Vacation Guide

Monterey will further invest in its tourism industry by paying for more exposure in the Tennessee Vacation Guide. The Guide is a magazine and online publication that highlights tourism destinations across the state. Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said that previously they paid for a small feature of the depot in the physical magazine. He said that the cost will now ... Read More »

Monterey To Replace Water Line On West Stewart Avenue

Monterey will replace some 725 feet of water line on West Stewart Avenue near South Walnut Street. Engineer Nathaniel Green said that the bid with W&O Construction would cost the city approximately $15,116. “If we were to bid that right now say by itself, you’d be looking somewhere around $50,000 to do that particular line,” Green said. “If we had ... Read More »

Putnam Redistricting Eliminates 9 District Commission Plan

The Putnam County Redistricting Committee will not consider a nine district option for the county commission. CTAS Consultant Ben Rodgers said that the committee believes a nine district committee was not feasible for the commission. “Basically the nine district plan brought the Monterey district all the way to the Cookeville city limits,” Rodgers said. “It was going to cause some ... Read More »

Algood Partners With Tech’s Center For Rural Innovation To Enhance Brand And Promote Tourism

Tennessee Tech’s Center for Rural Innovation is partnering with Algood to enhance the city’s brand and tourism prospects. Tech’s Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Michael Aikens said that the TCRI program employs Tennessee Tech students to bridge gaps between information, resources, and knowledge for businesses and municipalities. “We’re able to fill those gaps and we literally have empirical evidence that ... Read More »