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Caney Fork Bridge Targeted For Repair Thanks To New Federal Grant

Putnam County and Smith County targeted for a new federal grant to repair the railroad bridge over the Caney Fork River. The state will receive a total of $23.7 million to repair some 42 rail bridges statewide that are past their lifespan or need immediate repairs. The bridges are on ten different short lines, mostly in rural areas. The disrepair ... Read More »

Monterey Alderman Advocates for City Manager; Wants Work Session

Monterey Alderman Bill Wiggins wants the town’s aldermen to establish a city manager position. Wiggins said that the need for the position is past due and that the increasing workload for city staff necessitates the position. Wiggins said the jobs consists of new opportunities to benefit the town as well as day-to-day operations. “We have a board of alderman and ... Read More »

Scouts Set To Paint Inside Of Monterey Amphitheater For Project

Eagle Scouts will paint the inside of the Monterey Amphitheater as a public service project beginning this weekend. Troop 20 is a small group based out of Cookeville, consisting of both long-participating and newly introduced scouts. Life Scout Nickolas Buckner said he heard about the project while looking to volunteer for another park and immediately accepted the opportunity. “Monterey is ... Read More »

Monterey High School Getting Archery Team, Seeking Sponsors

Monterey High School is getting an Archery Team, but its going to need sponsors to get funding. Head coach Rachel Goodwin said she plans on reaching out to potential sponsors in the coming weeks. She said she hopes to have the equipment ready after fall break and be prepared to compete by December. “I would really love if anybody wants ... Read More »

Bids For Monterey Soccer Field Open

Prospective bids for a soccer and baseball field to be built in Monterey are currently open. Monterey Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said that the project is currently waiting to hear answers from potential bidders. “Based on the plans that we’ve been working out with the engineer for the past several months, those plans are now final,” Cleary said. “As far ... Read More »

Rail Trail Authority Wants To Amend Membership Bylaw To Allow Multiple Terms

The Rail Trail Authority wants to amend its bylaws to allow authority members to serve beyond two consecutive three-year terms. Cookeville City Council will consider the change Thursday night. City Manager James Mills said the authority would like to keep its members beyond six years. “The issue here is getting good people on there and having some of the good ... Read More »

Trucks Continue To Use Left Lane Going Up Monterey Mountain On I-40

Despite increased signage, tractor trailer trucks continue to drive in the left lane of Interstate 40 going from Cookeville to Monterey. Putnam County officials asked the state to strengthen the rules in recent years after wrecks bottlenecked the roadway, many of them caused by slow moving trucks. However, in three separate trips up I-40 in the last week, trucks have ... Read More »

Town Of Monterey Takes Helm Of Standing Stone Day Festivities

The Town of Monterey will take over the responsibilities of running Standing Stone Day on October 14th this year. The Board of Aldermen voted in a special called session Monday night. Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said to his understanding, the Standing Stone Day Committee was planning on only doing educational outreach for this year’s holiday and not the secondary activities, ... Read More »

Monterey Finance Committee Pushes New Time Card System Forward

Monterey’s Finance Committee moving forward with a new facial recognition time card system for town employees after its meeting Monday. Chair Bill Wiggins said the town currently uses a manual system across seven locations for different departments. He said they hope to improve employee accountability using the new system. “We have people maybe clocking in for someone else,” Wiggins said. ... Read More »

1940’s Era Wilder Map Restored At Monterey Museum

The Monterey Depot Museum just opened an exhibit dedicated to a recently restored map of the Wilder Area. The community at the borders of Fentress, Overton, and Putnam Counties, was the site of a coal-mining area in the early 1900’s. Museum Tour Guide Dale Welch said the new map was previously in such bad condition that it was of little ... Read More »