Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Putnam Home And Dog Lost During Residential Fire

A Putnam County home deemed a complete lost early Monday morning after a wood stove caused fire. Fire Chief Tom Brown said crews arrived at the Zeb Warren Road home around 3:45 a.m. with the residence fully involved with flames. “She had discovered fire around the ceiling level above a wood stove,” Brown said. “When we arrived on scene, fire ... Read More »

With Summer Heat, It’s Important To Keeps Tabs On Pets’ Temperatures

Hot weather can pose a threat to animals, and animal experts say it’s important to keep their temperature in check. Copeland Veterinary Animal Hospital Vet Assistant Brooke Allen said that the number one thing people can do is provide access to fresh, clean, and cool water, but there are other ways to keep them cool as well. “You can always ... Read More »

TN Highway Patrol Receives Donation Of Ballistic Vest For K-9 Officer

The Tennessee Highway Patrol received a ballistic vest as a donation for their K-9 Officer Draco. K-9 Training Director Devery Moses said that the donation could help the community understand how seriously they handle their K-9 Officers’ safety. “They do go home with the handlers and become sort of a family pet once they go home,” Moses said. “But Trooper ... Read More »

Cookeville Dog Park Could Open Late-Spring, Early-Summer

Cookeville’s long awaited Dog Park could open later this year. Approval of park features and amenities will be voted on by the Cookeville City Council Thursday. Leisure Services Director Rick Woods said he would like to have obstacle courses, dog water fountains, shade structures and more. Woods said if approved, the features they order should arrive in the next four ... Read More »