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Putnam Schools Adopt New Math Textbook Curriculum

Putnam County School Board approved a $1.78 million expenditure for a new math textbook curriculum Thursday night. Curriculum Supervisor Dr. Chris Winningham said math standards are changing in the new school year, specifically at the high school level. Close to 90 percent of the 9-12 standards are new or are changing. Director of Schools Corby King said he expected the ... Read More »

Spring Break Important Rest Period Before 4th Quarter Academic Rigor

Putnam County Schools hoping spring break will be a time for students and teachers to relax and refresh. Director of Schools Corby King said it is important for those in the system to get a break for a nine-week grading period. “This third nine weeks especially without the snow days we typically have, we’ve had a lot going on,” King ... Read More »

Putnam School Board Approves Roof Replacement At Old Park View Building

Putnam County School Board taking the next step to upgrade the old Park View School building through roof replacement. Director of Schools Corby King said the district knows there is a need to repurpose the building for different use. He said in order to be able to use the building, the roof will have to be replaced. “Because it’s continuing ... Read More »

PCSS Hoping To Slow Turnover With New Custodial Contract

Putnam County Schools set to change its custodial services contract. The system approved a $3 million contract with HES in November 2020. Director of Schools Corby King said the principals expressed interest to rebid and provide better service. “The management at HES worked really hard to try to maintain the contract and work,” King said. “But there’s some labor issues ... Read More »

King’s Evaluation Improves; Gets New Four-Year Deal With Putnam Schools

Putnam County Director of Schools Corby King saw his annual performance evaluation score increase, especially among school administrators. School Board Attorney Dan Rader released the results Thursday night at the School Board meeting. King’s total score finished at 4.22 out of five. That’s up from 4.14 last year. King saw his score among the school system’s administrators increase from 4.11 ... Read More »

Retrofitting Old Park View Into Cookeville PreK Deemed Feasible

A recently-completed study found retrofitting the current Park View School to become a Cookeville PreK Center would be feasible. The project would free up an estimated 22 classroom spaces around other Cookeville campuses. Putnam County Director of Schools Corby King said the estimated cost could be just under $8 million. “The bottom line is it can be done if we ... Read More »

Upperman High School Traffic Flow Changing With Start Of Construction

With work to begin on Upperman High School’s expansion project, the school’s families should expect a different traffic flow at their return from fall break. The work begins October 3rd. Director of Schools Corby King said the current parent pick-up will change from where it currently runs, as well as student parking. “The student parking lot entrance will be on ... Read More »

Putnam County Schools Release Spring 2021-22 TCAP Results

Putnam County Schools TCAP data reflect gains in math scores, but still haven’t achieved pre-pandemic levels. Those scores grew from 30 percent to 33 percent over the last year. ESSER, Testing, and Data Supervisor Jason Stickler said after receiving the preliminary state data, most numbers look on par with their expectations. However, there is work to be done. “It is ... Read More »

Putnam Schools Close Budget Gap By Almost $1.3M In Second Draft

The Putnam County School System has decreased the $3 million gap in its budget by almost $1.3 million in the second draft of the budget presented Thursday night. Director of Schools Corby King said that they received a $620,000 increase in BEP funding from the state. The number also included an estimated increase in the penny rate of $664,453. “So ... Read More »

Putnam Schools First Budget Draft Includes $4M In Raises

Putnam County Director Of Schools Corby King said the system wants to target employee raises in the new fiscal year budget outlined Thursday night. “We are a people driven business,” King said. The first draft of the budget includes some $7 million in increased expenses. Raises for all certified personnel make up some $2 million of that. The budget draft, ... Read More »