Friday, May 24, 2024
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Putnam School Board Approves Roof Replacement At Old Park View Building

Putnam County School Board taking the next step to upgrade the old Park View School building through roof replacement.

Director of Schools Corby King said the district knows there is a need to repurpose the building for different use. He said in order to be able to use the building, the roof will have to be replaced.

“Because it’s continuing to deteriorate inside the building so we’re going to go ahead and get the roof replaced and then we’ll work with the county commission to remodel the building,” King said. “That’s got to take place if we keep students in. We’ve got to keep the new school built so we can get those students out and we can start that remodel process.”

King said getting the roof replaced will be the first step. He said they are still considering how the building will be used once the new Park View School is built.

King said most discussions have centered around a Pre-K center, and that it is a likely contender moving forward.

“Ideally the commission and the board will be able to work together once we have students out in May of 2024, we can start the remodel,” King said. “Take 8 to 10-12 months to complete that remodel if we’re ready right when students get out for that summer. And then maybe the year 2025, 2026 to use it in some capacity.”

King said they believe they will be able to achieve project completion of that tight deadline based on conversations with architects.