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Cravens: Schools, Commissioners Understand Fiscal Issues

Putnam County School Board Chair Kim Cravens said she believes the school board and county commissioners are on the same page about upcoming educational needs in the county. The two bodies discussed both the upcoming fiscal year budget during a meeting last week and more long-term issues. Cravens said the meeting helped create a mutual understanding of what the school ... Read More »

School Board Takes First Step On Park View Plan

The Putnam County School Board will begin narrowing the scope of a proposed remodel at Park View School as well as the purpose for the soon-to-be vacant school. The system entered into a performance-based contract with ESG of Johnson City to begin exploring the renovations and the price tag for the work. School Board Member Lynn McHenry said this is ... Read More »

New Park View Facility Brick Issues Resolved, Work Continues

The brick needed for the new Park View School has been located, meaning the project will not be delayed. The Putnam County School Board unanimously rejected the brick delivered in September due to color and quality concerns. Upland Design Group’s Kim Chamberlin said that brick work will continue with new brick that is on site. “We were very pleased,” Chamberlin ... Read More »

New Park View Facility Dealing With Brick Issue; School Board Faces Vote

Another brick in the wall, or actually another poorly colored brick in the wall. Putnam County School officials singing the blues after the first layer of bricks in place at the new Park View facility. Director of Schools Corby King said the colors do not match brick to brick, and are far away from the system wanted. “I think there’s ... Read More »

Putnam School Board Approves Roof Replacement At Old Park View Building

Putnam County School Board taking the next step to upgrade the old Park View School building through roof replacement. Director of Schools Corby King said the district knows there is a need to repurpose the building for different use. He said in order to be able to use the building, the roof will have to be replaced. “Because it’s continuing ... Read More »

Putnam School Board Members Say Commission Missed An Opportunity

A missed opportunity. That is how two Putnam County School Board members described the county commission’s decision Tuesday night. A new school bond to build the upper grade wing of the new Park View School failed in a 12 to 12 vote. School Board Chair Kim Cravens said doubling the schools capacity for $16.5 million likely a price that will ... Read More »

Work Progressing At New Park View School

Work on the new Park View School is progressing. Upland Design Architect Kim Chamberlin said the structure is beginning to look like an actual building. “So we’re very pleased that that work’s been progressing,” Chamberlain said. “They will be starting the subsurface work toward the end of the month, so that work is progressing as well. So right now no ... Read More »

Retrofitting Old Park View Into Cookeville PreK Deemed Feasible

A recently-completed study found retrofitting the current Park View School to become a Cookeville PreK Center would be feasible. The project would free up an estimated 22 classroom spaces around other Cookeville campuses. Putnam County Director of Schools Corby King said the estimated cost could be just under $8 million. “The bottom line is it can be done if we ... Read More »

Porter: Tax Increase For New School Could Not Happen Until Next Year

Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter said county commissioners could decide to issue a bond for the $15 million to build the upper grade wing of Park View School. But the money would have to come out of the county’s general fund in the short term. Porter said the county cannot raise taxes inside a new budget year. “They can hit ... Read More »

New Park View School Bid Comes In Some $20M Over Budget

The bid for Putnam County Schools’ new Park View School project came in almost $20 million over projections. Director of Schools Corby King said that the bond capacity for the new school was set at some $44 million. He said that the lone bid came in at $60,450,000, and did not include furnishings. “It was much, much higher than what ... Read More »