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School Board Needs To Explore Director Pay

The salary for Putnam County’s Director of Schools salary sits about $38,000 dollars below the state average for a similar-size school district. County School Board member Kim Cravens said she believes the disparity needs to be addressed. “The director’s salary is low and we want to remain competitive,” Cravens said. “Just like we want our starting teacher’s pay to be ... Read More »

Putnam Schools Could Use Fund Balance For Budget

The Putnam County School Board approved the first draft of a new budget that will use some $1.1 million from the system’s fund balance. Director Of Schools Corby King said all county departments were instructed to present a zero increase budget due to COVID-19. King said the budget does include a expenditure increase but the school system will pay for ... Read More »

King Said Students Need To Push Through Next 2 Weeks

Putnam County Schools Director Corby King said students can reduce the learning impact of the COVID-19 shutdown by finishing the school semester strong. “It’s typical that students begin kind of slacking off, it’s spring, the weather’s warming up, they’re ready to end and go on for the summer,” King said. “But I’m asking that students and parents please remain engaged ... Read More »

Putnam County Instruction Will Conclude May 15

Putnam County Schools will continue online instruction and packet distribution until May 15. “We know education is important in Putnam County, we know it’s valued in our community,” Director Of Schools Corby King said. “We’re going to continue to provide an education and educational services.” On Wednesday, Governor Bill Lee urged all schools to keep their buildings closed for the ... Read More »