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King: New Student Funding Formula Presents Exciting Opportunities

Putnam Director of Schools Corby King said one word to describe how he feels about the new student funding formula passing Thursday: “optimistic.” King said that the most recent estimate shows that the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement will bring an additional $14 million to the county schools. He said that funding means more opportunities. “That means that we have ... Read More »

Putnam County Schools Approve Logo Package For New Park View Schools

The Putnam County School Board approved the logo package for the new Park View School at its Thursday night meeting. Director of Schools Corby King said that the blue and white rocket logos can be used in all design elements, from t-shirts to decals on the gym floor. “The naming committee sent these out to the teachers and faculty at ... Read More »

Putnam School Board Approves Two Groups To Bid For New Park View Construction

Putnam County School Board approved two companies to bid for the construction of the new Park View School. Director Corby King told the School Board Thursday night that R.G. Anderson and American Contractors submitted the best proposals. “For this project, we asked companies and contractors to submit proposals,” King said. “We wanted to prequalify the contractors who were allowed to ... Read More »

Putnam Schools Approve Plans For New Virtual Learning Facility

The Putnam County Board of Education finalized plans for the new VITAL facility near White Plains Academy Thursday night. Upland Designs Consultant Kim Chamberlain said that the 13,000 square-foot facility was slightly bigger than originally planned for, but that the space will meet the needs of its users. “We’re going to try to be really economical with this one,” Chamberlain ... Read More »

King: “Cautiously Optimistic” About New School Funding Formula

Putnam Schools Director Corby King is “cautiously optimistic” about the new school funding formula announced Thursday. King said his main takeaway is that the state is keeping the focus on the students. He said that if everything goes through as projected, the initial increase could bring some $14 million for Putnam County Schools. “We’ve had a needs for a long ... Read More »

New Putnam K-8 School Size Trimmed To Stay Within Budget

The Putnam County Board of Education got a closer look at plans for the new Southwest K-8 school. The Upland Design Group showed exactly how they were able to cut roughly 5,000 square feet from the design while still keeping the same number of classrooms. Director of Schools Corby King said this was all an effort to stay within budget. ... Read More »

Putnam Schools Still Feeling Staffing Woes During Pandemic

While the number of students contracting COVID is higher than last school year, Director of Schools Corby King said staffing remains the main issue. King said certified teachers are in place, but getting substitute teachers to come in is causing problems. “When you look at the districts who have closed so far, it’s due to a lack of staffing,” King ... Read More »

Capshaw and Park View Recognized For Standout Academics

The Putnam County Board of Education recognized Capshaw Elementary and Park View Elementary for achieving Reward School status. Director of Schools Corby King said both schools have achieved a 3.1 or higher GPA across all data. “What a huge win for Park View Elementary,” King said. “This is the first time they’ve been named a Reward School. So this is ... Read More »

Putnam School Calendar Could Be Impacted By COVID This Year

Putnam County Director of Schools Corby King fears the district could have to take days away from breaks due to COVID. State rules made effective in July for schools do not allow remote learning as a COVID solution during district closures. That means if COVID days are needed, they would come from breaks or extending the school year. “Right now, ... Read More »