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Cookeville City Hall Painting Project On Schedule

In the next few weeks, the Cookeville City Hall’s outside will have a fresh look. Cookeville City Manager James Mills said the city hall painting project is moving along. He said the first layer of topcoat is being painted Tuesday. “We’ve tried to update the building some, we’re also going to look at replacing the hand rails that are out ... Read More »

Painting Spaces Could Be 8th Street Option

Creating new parking spaces could be a potential solution to alleviate parking problems along Cookeville’s 8th Street. Public Works Director Greg Brown said the decision to create new spaces lays with the City Manager. He said after that the question becomes the perpetual upkeep of the lines. “After you paint them or you use thermoplastic or tape,” Brown said, “eventually ... Read More »

Art Prowl Director Excited For Cookeville’s Art Future

The new director of Cookeville’s Art Prowl said she’s excited to see what the future holds for Cookeville’s art scene. Jen Luna took the job this spring. She said she believes Cookeville’s art scene is vibrant for a small town. “Really, there’s so many talented people here that I think a lot of people don’t even know about,” Luna said. ... Read More »

Biz Foundry Offering Free Thermometers

Free touchless thermometers are available for local small businesses through Cookeville’s Biz Foundry. Marketing Director Haley Smith said the Biz Foundry wants to provide an opportunity for small businesses who haven’t been able to get thermometers yet. “The stores are actually out of them for the most part, and the touchless ones are quite a bit better than the ones ... Read More »

Cookeville to Require Face Coverings in City Buildings

The City of Cookeville will begin requiring face coverings in all city buildings beginning Tuesday. City Manager James Mills said he hopes the requirement is temporary. “We consider this a temporary measure,” Mills said. “Hopefully the numbers will trend back down and we can go back to close to normal.” Mills said he does not believe the city will have ... Read More »

First Step In Cedar Avenue’s Beautification Project

The first step in Cookeville’s Cedar Avenue beautification project has been made. The City will make some $16,000 in updates to storm sewage structures. Cityscape Director Holly Freeman said this is a good step for the project. “I think that specific street is long overdue for some improvements and we’re excited to partner with the city and to see that ... Read More »

Cookeville Considering Retail Strategies Contract Renewal

The City of Cookeville is considering a contract renewal with Retail Strategies for Consulting Central. The retail recruitment company works with national retailers interested in locating in Cookeville. The company played a large part in recruiting national retailers for the Shoppes At Eagle Pointe. Economic Development Coordinator Melinda Keifer said it’s important now more than ever to renew the contract. ... Read More »

Cookeville Bed And Breakfast Zoning Approved

A bed and breakfast has been approved by the Cookeville Board Of Zoning Appeals for Dry Valley Road. “I believe this is our first bed and breakfast home that has been approved in the City of Cookeville,” City Planning Director Jon Ward said. “We have several short-term rentals.” The homeowner appealed to the Board of Zoning to allow for a ... Read More »

Shopping Center Developer Submits Plan & Extension Request

The developer of a new shopping center along Cookeville’s 10th Street and Old Kentucky Road has submitted an extension request to the Planning Department. The request comes after city council approved an ordinance last week allowing for six month extensions based on federal or state emergencies such as COVID. “They have also submitted the final PCD plan for consideration by ... Read More »

New Light Fixtures Coming To Cedar Avenue

Portions of Cookeville’s Cedar Avenue will start looking brighter over the next few months. Electric Department Director Carl Haney said decorative light fixtures will be installed from 2nd to 7th Street. “Those are the same lights that are used in the downtown, around the square, in the Cityscape projects that we have going on through the city like Dixie and ... Read More »