Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Shopping Center Developer Submits Plan & Extension Request

The developer of a new shopping center along Cookeville’s 10th Street and Old Kentucky Road has submitted an extension request to the Planning Department. The request comes after city council approved an ordinance last week allowing for six month extensions based on federal or state emergencies such as COVID. “They have also submitted the final PCD plan for consideration by ... Read More »

New Light Fixtures Coming To Cedar Avenue

Portions of Cookeville’s Cedar Avenue will start looking brighter over the next few months. Electric Department Director Carl Haney said decorative light fixtures will be installed from 2nd to 7th Street. “Those are the same lights that are used in the downtown, around the square, in the Cityscape projects that we have going on through the city like Dixie and ... Read More »

Two Cookeville Power Outages Over Weekend

Two circuit outages through the Fourth of July weekend caused some Cookeville residents and businesses to lose power. Electric Department Director Carl Haney said the outage Friday took over three hours to repair. “It was caused by a transformer failure in one of our subdivisions,” Haney said. “When that happened it also caused a piece of equipment to fall right ... Read More »

Cookeville Police Buying New Patrol Cars

The Cookeville Police Department ordering eight new patrol cars at a price tag of some $250,000. “We generally try to surplus our [vehicles] around the 100,000 mile mark,” Evans said. “The Sheriff’s Department and THP will probably get a little more mileage out of their because they’re on longer stretches of highway at higher speeds. When you drive around in ... Read More »

Algood Water And Sewer Rates Increase

The City of Algood’s water and sewer rates increased to begin the new fiscal year. A nine percent increase went into effect July 1. City Administrator Keith Morrison said since Cookeville sells water to Algood, when Cookeville’s rates increase so must Algood’s. “As time goes on they have to increase our rates to cover making the water, keeping it safe,” ... Read More »

Cookeville Planning Looking At Parking Issue On 8th

The Cookeville Planning Department considering options to limit parking along Eighth Street. This comes in response to several residents filing complaints about Tennessee Tech students parking in front of their homes. Planning Department Director Jon Ward said residents approached city officials a few months ago. “You know, the city has parking standards where you can park, distances you have to ... Read More »

Cookeville Hotel Booking Returning To Normal

Cookeville hotel bookings are beginning to return to normal, according to hotel administrators. Holiday Inn Chief Operating Officer Rich Tuckwell said bookings dropped to 20 percent occupancy in March when it would normally be 80 percent. “April was even more solid,” Tuckwell said. “[In] May we really started to notice a big turnaround, and June has been very solid for ... Read More »

Cookeville Planning To Redeem $7 Million Bonds

The Cookeville City Council plans to redeem over $7 million in bonds used to build the Highlands Business Park. This debt payoff will save the city over $300,000 in interest. Paying off these bonds will allow the city to move forward with the $19 million police station project. Finance Director Brenda Imel said paying off the bonds will bring down ... Read More »

KC-135 Flyover Coming Saturday Night

The fireworks won’t be the only thing lighting up the Cookeville sky Saturday night. The Tennessee Air National Guard of Knoxville will fly a KC-135 Stratotanker across the center of town. “If you’ve ever seen on a movie, these very large aircraft that has almost looks like a tail hanging off the back, that’s where they refuel jets in flight,” ... Read More »

Miller: No Body Negates City Contract

Although Cookeville City Council members thought they put the issue of a Confederate monument behind them, it appears Councilman Mark Miller will raise the issue again. Miller said the Sons of Confederate Veterans are in violation of a section of its 2000 contract with the Cookeville City Cemetery. He said he plans to raise the issue at Thursday’s council meeting. ... Read More »