Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Cookeville City Hall Painting Project On Schedule

In the next few weeks, the Cookeville City Hall’s outside will have a fresh look.

Cookeville City Manager James Mills said the city hall painting project is moving along. He said the first layer of topcoat is being painted Tuesday.

“We’ve tried to update the building some, we’re also going to look at replacing the hand rails that are out around city hall,” Mills said. “We’re going to try to modernize the appearance of the building. Of course the building is over 50 years in age. We’re going to stay here a while for the foreseeable future so we want it maintained as best we can.”

Mills said City Hall hasn’t received a fresh coat of paint in over 15 years. He said they’ve received a lot of compliments on the building’s appearance so far.

“It’s moving right along,” Mills said. “I’d say three-fourth of the building has had the primer coat put on, of course it was all pressure washed beforehand.”

In addition to a new coat of paint and new hand rails, the half century old facility is also getting a new HVAC system.