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Miller: No Body Negates City Contract

Although Cookeville City Council members thought they put the issue of a Confederate monument behind them, it appears Councilman Mark Miller will raise the issue again. Miller said the Sons of Confederate Veterans are in violation of a section of its 2000 contract with the Cookeville City Cemetery. He said he plans to raise the issue at Thursday’s council meeting. ... Read More »

Cookeville GIS Drone Pilot FAA Certified

Cookeville now has an FFA certified drone pilot for the first time in about a year. David Bailey was hired last July without the FAA certification, but with the understanding he would certified within one year of employment. Planning Department Director Jon Ward said using the drone has been beneficial for the city. “With the drone, we’ve just found it ... Read More »

Race Issues Need Dialogue

Cookeville Vice-Mayor Laurin Wheaton said she feels more community dialogue needs to take place on the topic of race. Wheaton said that although she is sympathetic to Councilman Mark Miller’s concerns over Confederate symbols on city property, she feels like more discussion is needed to help keep the community united. “The way I want to do that is by coming ... Read More »

Cookeville Goes Administrative On Symbols, Signage

The Cookeville City Council will not consider resolutions about confederate symbols on city property or monuments at the city cemetery. Both issues will likely be pursued through administrative means based on council directives to the City Manager. At Monday’s council work session, City Manager James Mills said he could enforce a policy that only a Tennessee state flag, an American ... Read More »

Integration Of Double Springs Will Begin This Summer

It will take the City of Cookeville up to a year to fully integrate Double Springs Utility District customers into the city. Cookeville Water and Sewer Department Director Ronnie Kelly said there is a lot of work to do in that area. “We’ll be bringing the council an engineering contract probably next month,” Kelly said. “That will be the design ... Read More »

10th Street Commercial Project Has New Developer

The on-again-off-again development of a shopping center at the corner of East 10th Street and Old Kentucky Road in Cookeville appears to be on again. Cookeville’s Industrial Development Board Vice Chair Jim Martin said he was hopeful that a well-funded developer has come forward. The board voted Wednesday to approve a tentative agreement of a 10-year real estate abatement and ... Read More »

Cookeville Budget, Utility Purchase Approved

Cookeville City Council approved the 2020-2021 budget on second reading Thursday night. The budget totals $29.656 million in expenses. That’s an increase of roughly $500,000 from the current fiscal year. Revenues are budgeted at $29.119 million. The property tax rate remains at $0.99. That includes $0.72 going to the general fund, $0.15 to the transportation infrastructure fund, $0.04 each to ... Read More »

McHenry: Double Springs Sale A Good Move

Improvements to Double Springs Utility lines and meter replacements could be on the way with proceeds from selling part of the service area to Cookeville. Double Springs Utility Board member Lynn McHenry said selling the 4.5 mile area was a good move for both parties. “Although it’s a loss of customers for us, and you definitely don’t want to lose ... Read More »

Cookeville April Sales Tax Collection Down 14.5%

Cookeville sales tax collection for April was down 14.5 percent over the same time last year. City Manager James Mills said he was expecting the number to be at least 50 percent. “We were pleased,” Mills said. “There’s still a reduction, there’s still a loss with about $169,000 over last year, but it’s much better than we projected it to ... Read More »

BLM Billboard Could Come To Cookeville

Two local activists want to purchase a Black Lives Matter billboard in Cookeville. Julia Gruber, said she and Jena Lowndes organized a GoFundMe page. “I mean, this is freedom of speech, and I do expect some people’s heads exploding over this, but that’s part of change,” Gruber said. “You can get angry, and I think anger is a good emotion. ... Read More »