Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Happening Now

New Light Fixtures Coming To Cedar Avenue

Portions of Cookeville’s Cedar Avenue will start looking brighter over the next few months.

Electric Department Director Carl Haney said decorative light fixtures will be installed from 2nd to 7th Street.

“Those are the same lights that are used in the downtown, around the square, in the Cityscape projects that we have going on through the city like Dixie and all that,” Haney said. “Those are the same lights, but the majority of those will be used on Cedar Avenue.”

Haney said the project will begin over the next few weeks. He said the public works department will also improve sidewalks along Cedar Avenue.

The light installments will have LED lighting which are energy efficient and provide a bright glow. Haney said high pressure sodium and mercury vapor lights have slowly been replaced by the LED lights over the past few years.

“[Cedar Avenue] has lighting now, I think it’ll just add more of a better lighting to it,” Haney said. “We are in the process of doing that throughout the city.”

City officials voted in favor of the project Thursday.