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Poisoning Cases Down, Kids Still Common Victims

It is National Poison Prevention Week, medical experts say awareness from parents and extra care from pharmaceutical companies are cutting down the number of cases. White County EMS Director Mike Kerr said poisoning deaths and hospitalizations most commonly result from children ingesting dangerous substances that they mistake for candy. He said parents must be careful to keep pill bottles securely ... Read More »

Warren’s New Program Helps Kids & Fathers Overcome Violence

Warren County’s new Caring Dads Program wants to teach fathers accused of domestic violence how to put a child’s needs first. Warren County General Sessions Judge Ryan Moore said the program is designed to act as alternative sentencing for fathers accused. He said Community Probation Services General Manager Michael Wright facilitated the start of the program in Warren County. Wright ... Read More »

Prescott South To Host Presentation About Internet Safety

Prescott South Middle School will present a talk next week to help parents prevent cyber crimes against children. Counselor Amanda Vaughn said she knows the community does not like to think our children could be at risk for predators in Cookeville, but with the state of the world, it is better to have all tools and knowledge available. “It’s very ... Read More »

Cane Creek Rec Center Karate Classes Begin With Additional Time Slot

Cane Creek Recreation Center has introduced an additional karate class for children. Recreation Programmer Sally Herren said two classes are now available every Monday and Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. “The kids karate has been super popular that we had some parents ask to add extra days so that their kids could take more days of karate sessions so we added ... Read More »

“Operation Blackout” Keeping Children Safe From Offenders This Halloween

The State Department of Corrections has launched, “Operation Blackout” to keep children safe from sexual predators this Halloween. Putnam County Sheriff Eddie Farris said his department will be assisting to ensure all registered offenders follow rules regarding trick-or-treating. “They can not have (outdoor) lights on during Halloween,” Farris said. “Can’t do any trick-or-treating. Can’t hand out any candy. No contact ... Read More »

COVID Causing Adverse Mental Health In Adolescents

18 months into the COVID pandemic and professionals are seeing a major impact on the mental health of adolescents. The CDC recently reported a 24 percent increase in emergency room visits for kids ages 5 to 11 related to mental health emergencies. In kids aged 12-17, there was a 31 percent increase due to depression or anxiety. Local pediatric occupational ... Read More »

Keeping Children Aware An Important Factor Of National Preparedness Month

Children are one of the most important demographics to keep prepared in the event of a natural disaster. That is according to Jackson County EMA Public Information Officer Derek Woolbright. September is National Preparedness Month, and Woolbright said kids need to stay in the loop. “The big thing is educating them on what the likely disasters they may face are,” ... Read More »

Work On Baxter’s Seminary Park Playground Complete

The Baxter Seminary Park reached a milestone today, and the community celebrated with a  ribbon cutting. Mayor John Martin said that he never imagined a project like this could happen in Baxter. He said that when he first ran for mayor, the area was completely overgrown and covered in junk, but now it’s a beautiful park for the community of ... Read More »

WCTE Cancels Stations Of Imagination Citing COVID Worries

WCTE has decided to cancel its Stations of Imagination for the weekend of September 10th citing concerns with rising COVID numbers among Upper Cumberland children. WCTE said it plans on exploring safe alternatives such as a virtual event with activities families can do at home, or it will provide pre-packed kits for pick up that families can take home. According ... Read More »

Routines Play Key Roles In Easing Children’s Anxiety

A routine will help children feel less anxiety and more stability when it comes to their day-to-day lives. That’s according to local pediatric occupational therapist Heidi Clopton. Clopton said it’s important for kids to feel like they have a sense of control. “If there’s a routine established at school and home it actually helps them feel calmer and safer,” Clopton ... Read More »