Monday, October 2, 2023
Happening Now

Prescott South To Host Presentation About Internet Safety

Prescott South Middle School will present a talk next week to help parents prevent cyber crimes against children.

Counselor Amanda Vaughn said she knows the community does not like to think our children could be at risk for predators in Cookeville, but with the state of the world, it is better to have all tools and knowledge available.

“It’s very easy for students to be talking to someone that might coerce them into meeting somewhere,” Vaugh said. “And then we’re right on the interstate. And not only are we on the interstate, we’re very close to two major airports. And then your student could be anywhere in the United States and that’s very scary.”

The event will feature speakers from Cookeville Police as well as Homeland Security to provide information to attendees. Vaughn said online threats and tools to prevent those threats will be discussed.

“We want to protect students,” Vaugh said. “We’re not here to place fear in the hearts of parents. We just want to equip them so they’re ready to face any challenges they may face ahead.

Vaughn said Putnam County Schools require human trafficking training.  That training made Vaughn aware that the community needs tools to prevent internet threats to children.

“As they’re interacting with social media, the internet, they need to know how to be safe,” Vaughn said. “Because there’s definitely a lot of ways they can become unsafe on the internet.”

The PSMS Counseling Center will host grade-level conversations with students and Homeland Security Agents using the agency’s IGuardian cyber crimes education tools.  Parents are invited to attend the 5:30 pm presentation at the Prescott South Auditorium next Tuesday.