Friday, May 25, 2018
Happening Now

New Fred’s Store Part of Monterey Retail Strip

Monterey Mayor Bill Wiggins said the community needs to actively work to offer more services along the I-40 corridor.

“We’ve got to develop exits 300 and 301 to bring more retail in and to capture some of those dollars that are passing by us every day and night on Interstate 40,” Wiggins said.

Both exits feature a total of three fast food restaurants and gasoline. A hotel opened off exit 301 in 2011. Stratton Avenue, which connects the two exits, will soon welcome a new Fred’s store.

“Stratton appears to be the new strip of road that’s going to be dedicated to retail business,” Wiggins said.

Construction on the Fred’s store continues to progress with the opening set for March 29.

“The Fred’s store is moving right along,” Wiggins said. “The city has installed the water tap for the sprinkler system and that should expedite the paving.”