Monday, June 17, 2024
Happening Now

White County Report Cards Delayed; Awaiting Test Data

Final report cards for White County Middle School and White County High School students will be delayed as the district awaits TCAP and end-of-course testing data from the state.

Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger said he hopes to have the results back in the next two weeks. He said the district voted to add standardized test scores to report cards several years ago based on state board policy. He said the district has been in constant communication with parents about each student’s status for potential advancement or retention.

“We’ll be posting those as soon as we get final scores,” Dronebarger said. “Notifying everybody in the community that they’re ready. And it does put us a little bit behind the eight ball, but nevertheless, it’s better now that things have moved to a digital world. Parents will have access at their fingertips as soon as it’s available.”

Dronebarger said third graders’ report cards will show students as pending for advancement to the fourth grade until test results are released. He said when report cards are out, the district will contact the parents of students who did not meet the requirements for advancement to tell them what their options are going forward.

“We’ve already got information out to them and to all of our families about summer school opportunities and what that looks like,” Dronebarger said. “And so, communication has been, like I said, it’s been open and often with those folks.”

He said some parents have already put plans in place for potential summer school or retakes as they await word on whether their students has advanced to the next grade level. He said those parents have been met with as far back as January and helped to prepare.

“We do print hard copies and make that available to students and parents,” Dronebarger said. “Our principals communicate with their particular stakeholders and make sure that they have that information, and we can make that available to them.”