Monday, June 17, 2024
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Celina Considering Adding To Its Board Of Aldermen

The City of Celina is looking to add seats to its three-member Board of Aldermen after several seats recently went empty.

Celina Mayor Luke Collins said Board Member Brittney Kerr was recently added to the board, filling an open seat. He said since then, the board has entertained the idea of adding more in the next election cycle. He said the city’s charter allows for as many as eight members on the board.

“Five would be a good number,” Collins said. “It would allow more people to be involved, which is always good. I mean, it’s good for people to be involved in government because it is their money, it’s their community, and how they feel about their community is important. It’s important to me, and I know it’s important to the aldermen too.”

Collins said the board would have to vote to add seats and send its decision to the state legislature in January, have it pass in the House and the Senate, and receive Governor Bill Lee’s signature. He said he believes that the board will vote to add at least two more members before the year ends.

“We’ll see,” Collins said. “I’ll say this, if it’s a tie vote, I’ll vote to go to five aldermen.”

He said he does not expect a vote to end in a tie, as that has proven uncommon for a board of just three members.