Monday, June 17, 2024
Happening Now

Jackson Gets Grant To Help Students With Disabilities

The Jackson County School District received a $30,000 grant designed to help students with disabilities enter the pre-K program.

Director of Schools Jason Hardy said the grant will provide instructional supplies. Hardy said the grant will also allow teachers in the district to receive professional development training so they are better equipped to work with the students in these classes.

“As the years go by, we’ve noticed that we’re having a uptick in students who need, you know, some extra help, some extra resources,” Hardy said. “And we want to be able to provide that for the families and for those students, so you get a, you get a good grasp on it at the pre-K level, that just helps their success when they get into kindergarten.”

Hardy said the district has a lot of resources for students with disabilities in grades K-12, but is excited to be able to have something to offer for its pre-K students. He said that this specific subject dealing with the youngest students has not been prevalent in the county until recently.

Hardy said the grant came from the Tennessee Department of Education.