Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Monterey High And Burks Elementary Meet And Greet For Local Businesses

Local business leaders will have the opportunity to meet the administration teams for Burks Elementary and Monterey High School.

New Burks Elementary Principal Heather Tinch said it’s an opportunity for businesses and schools to look at potential partnerships and for ways to support one another.

“It’s not about financial support,” Tinch said. “It’s just knowing who I am, what our mission is. Educating our children and benefitting our children will benefit our community in the long term.”

Tinch said that she believes schools are the focal points of the community. She said that as the new principal of Burks Elementary, it is important that the community knows who she is, and what her team’s mission it.

“Monterey is a small, tight-knit community,” Tinch said. “It is extremely important for me as a school administrator, as the principal of Burks Elementary, to build strong partnerships with the community. It’s essential for the community to know who I am and for us to explore ways to support each other. ”

Tinch said she coordinated the event with cultural administrator Rafferty Cleary as a way to introduce herself and the administration to the community.

In addition to local business leaders, Tinch said she’s excited to meet the parents and students of Burks Elementary this coming school year. She said she’s been a long-time resident of Putnam County, and is honored to join the community of Monterey and to take over leadership at Burks Elementary.

The meet and greet will be held at the Monterey Depot this Thursday at 9 a.m.