Friday, August 12, 2022
Happening Now

Livingston Regional Hospital Crosswalk Project Being Studied

A joint crosswalk project between Livingston and Livingston Regional Hospital has been tabled to study drainage issues.

Mayor Curtis Hayes said the project would create a crosswalk at Oak Street about six inches above the ground. Hayes said the city wants to take a deeper look to avoid puddling.

“With that area already having a lot of surface water that is running down if we’re not careful, behind the crosswalk that they want to see built would be kind of like a retention pond.” Hayes said.

Hayes said he plans to meet with engineers and Hospital CEO Tim McGill to reevaluate over the next couple of weeks.

The project would provide a safe walkway across Oak Street from the parking lot to the hospital as well as a speed bump and flashing lights.

Hayes said the hospital is willing to share the price with Livingston, but a contract for work has yet to be approved.