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Livingston Regional Recognized For Best Practices Reducing Infant Deaths

For the second year in a row, Livingston Regional Hospital received state recognition for practices that reduce infant mortality rates. Livingston Regional one of just 11 facilities statewide that received a BEST Award. Women’s Center Nursing Director Sheila Garrett said the hospital was honored for its progress in breastfeeding, early elective delivery reduction and safe sleeping. “It is a push ... Read More »

Livingston Regional Hospital Crosswalk Project Being Studied

A joint crosswalk project between Livingston and Livingston Regional Hospital has been tabled to study drainage issues. Mayor Curtis Hayes said the project would create a crosswalk at Oak Street about six inches above the ground. Hayes said the city wants to take a deeper look to avoid puddling. “With that area already having a lot of surface water that ... Read More »

Staying COVID Safe At Holiday Gatherings

Gathering for the holiday this weekend may require taking some extra precautions with the recent spike in COVID. David Cox is the Livingston Regional Hospital Director of Growth and Outreach. He said that the best thing to do is to get tested if you’re showing signs of symptoms. “To make sure that you don’t expose anyone that you love, anyone ... Read More »

Livingston And LRH Considering Crosswalk Improvements On Oak St.

The town of Livingston and Livingston Regional gathering price estimates to improve pedestrian safety around the hospital. Mayor Curtis Hayes said the proposed project includes flashing lights and speed humps at already established crosswalks. “The police department went over and put their electronic speed detector down, and the average speed I think Greg was 35 mph on Oak Street, but ... Read More »

Livingston Mayor Suspending COVID Press Conferences Indefinitely

Livingston is suspending all future COVID press conferences due to improved COVID positivity numbers. Overton County is reporting 38 active cases in the county, new cases reported have dropped from 9.6 per day to 3.9 per day over the last 14 days. Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes said the press conferences have served their purpose to keep the community informed. “I’m ... Read More »

Majority Of COVID Hospitalizations At Livingston Regional Not Vaccinated

One hundred percent of hospitalized COVID patients this month at Livingston Regional have not been vaccinated. That is according to Physician Relations and Marketing Director David Cox. Cox said during that time, 31 percent of inpatient admissions have been COVID cases. “Currently, most of our patients that have been tested positive for COVID are in our ICU,” Cox said. “Currently, ... Read More »

Livingston Regional Looking For Employees At Tuesday Job Fair

Livingston Regional Hospital hosting a job fair on location Tuesday. HR Manager Madeline Minor said a variety of full-time and part-time positions are open such as RNs, CNAs and housekeeping. “We are a family orientated hospital,” Minor said. “We offer benefits after 30 days of employment to full-time employees. The small home town feel really makes people feel as though ... Read More »

11th Annual Overton County EMS Fireworks Show Returns

The 11th annual Overton County EMS Fireworks Show is returning to the Overton County Fairgrounds on Saturday. EMT Roy Gore said this started as an employee event in 2010 and has grown into something for the whole community. Gore said the event is back and better than ever for the people EMS is dedicated to serve. “We tell people this ... Read More »

UC Community Medical Coalition Targeting Chronic Disease Education

The new group Hometown Health Watch is targeting chronic diseases in their push to educate Upper Cumberland residents. Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Dawn Barlow said the group is a community health coalition comprised of local medical agencies. She said understanding your condition empowers patients to prevent or better manage conditions like congestive heart failure or diabetes. “Patients being educated about ... Read More »

Livingston Regional Hospital Expanding To Open Visits

Livingston Regional Hospital has expanded to open visits for all patients. Physician Relations and Marketing Director David Cox said the decision is meant to improve patient satisfaction and care. “This allows an unlimited amount of visitors to be able to come into the hospital,” Cox said. “Of course, we are still requiring masks, and we are also still requiring temperature ... Read More »