Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Happening Now

Livingston PD Staffing Shortage During COVID, Mayor Asks Community To Help

Livingston Police are having to work extra shifts, and leadership are patrolling: the impacts of the latest COVID surge.

Mayor Curtis Hayes said officers and their families are being hit hard, leaving shifts understaffed. Hayes said he looked into a city employee vaccine mandate because he wants to protect his people.

“We’re just filling the gaps,” Hayes said. “The great men and women in our police and fire departments are stepping up and filling the gap when it needs to be done.”

Hayes said the work being done at this time is a testament to the commitment of public safety officers. He said that without an ability to mandate vaccines for employees, he asks the community to do its part to stop the COVID spread.

“If you’ve not had your vaccines, I just want to encourage everyone to get their vaccine,” Hayes said. “Don’t take my word on it, take your health providers word on it if they see fit and if it fits, get your vaccines as quickly as you can.”

Hayes said the city’s public safety departments are working to make sure the normal service tax payers expect is delivered. Hayes says normalcy is what he wants and what everyone wants as the pandemic drags on.

“I don’t want to wear my mask everywhere, but I do,” Hayes said. “So that’s just where we are at. I join hands with President Biden and I believe in the mandate for employees. Unfortunately, due to some things that Governor Lee has done in the state of Tennessee we were unable to do that for our city but I still believe its the right thing to do and I think it’s in the best interest of our community.”