Monday, May 29, 2023
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Putnam Fire Wants 3 New Firefighters, Improve Western Coverage

The Putnam County Fire Department wants to add three new firefighters to help strengthen service in the western part of the county. Fire Chief Tom Brown said he wants to place fulltime firefighters at the Bloomington Springs Station. Currently, Brown said most of the nighttime service for that area comes from station 11 in Cookeville. “We have a part-time man ... Read More »

Cookeville Fire Department Responds To Tuesday Fire On North Dixie Avenue

Cookeville Fire Department responded to a second structure fire on Tuesday around 6 p.m. Lieutenant Zachary Womack said the fire was at a residence located on North Dixie Avenue north of Tennessee Tech’s campus. After arriving on the scene and seeing visible smoke and flames, Womack said they determined the fire was coming from the basement area of the abandoned ... Read More »

Sparta FD In Need Of More Volunteers And Firefighters

A lack of volunteer interest and current staffing numbers has the Sparta Fire Department in need of more positions. Fire Chief Kirk Young said the city is considering paying volunteers as part-time employees to help resolve the issue. “It’s a matter of going to the scene and having enough people at the scene,” Young said. “I see in the future ... Read More »

Cookeville FD Will Not Issue Burn Permits Until Weather Conditions Improve

Cookeville Fire Department will not issue burn permits for the city until weather conditions improve. Chief Benton Young said that the department considers weather, hot temperatures, and wind speeds when it comes to issuing burn permits. “We’ve not had any rain for at least a couple of weeks and the combination of the high temps and low humidity really makes ... Read More »

Cookeville FD Recipient Of Grant From Firehouse Subs

The Cookeville Fire Department has been named a recipient of a $25,113 grant from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation and local Cookeville stores. Chief Benton Young said that the funds will be used to purchase an inflatable rescue raft, helmets, personal flotation devices, tow tethers, and throw rope bags, as well as wetsuits to fulfill a critical need within ... Read More »

Pickett Applying For Grant For Ambulance And Fire Dept.

Pickett County is pursuing a grant for a new ambulance and equipment for its fire department. County Executive Carey Garner said that the grant could be worth at least $500,000. “We have two ambulances that will go out of service, one of them will be this year and one of them will be next year,” Garner said. “We’ve already applied ... Read More »

PCSS To Donate Old Bus To Cookeville FD For Training

Putnam County Schools will donate a bus to the Cookeville Fire Department for training. Lieutenant Charles McFalls is also a bus driver for the county school system. He said that the department has a lot of training with regular vehicles, but not much with school buses. “You know we may have to cut into the side of the bus where ... Read More »

Smoke From Derryberry Hall Related To Roof Construction

Smoke seen on Tennessee Tech’s campus near Derryberry Hall Saturday related to construction on the building’s roof. In a press release from the university, it stated “Work to remove the upper portion of the building’s cupola generated heavy smoke and hot embers as a crew cut portions of the tower free.” Cookeville Fire Department Lieutenant Charles McFalls said that those ... Read More »

Livingston PD Staffing Shortage During COVID, Mayor Asks Community To Help

Livingston Police are having to work extra shifts, and leadership are patrolling: the impacts of the latest COVID surge. Mayor Curtis Hayes said officers and their families are being hit hard, leaving shifts understaffed. Hayes said he looked into a city employee vaccine mandate because he wants to protect his people. “We’re just filling the gaps,” Hayes said. “The great ... Read More »