Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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White Considering Countywide Fire Department

A study to review White County’s need for a countywide fire department should begin as soon as next month. Commissioner Stanley Neal and a Steering Committee are putting together a sub-committee to conduct a community impact study. He said a countywide fire department could help a growing community. “We have more growth, more homes,” Neal said. “It’s become harder and ... Read More »

Livingston Hires 2 New Fire Fighters

The city of Livingston hired two new full time fire fighters. Jason Huggins and Robert Holt are the two joining the crew. The two hires came after MTAS Fire Consultant Dennis Wolfe recommended to add more full time fire fighters last month. Fire Chief Rocky Dial reviewed the responsibilities of the crew outside of fires during Tuesday’s Alderman meeting. Alderman ... Read More »

Smithville Approves Funding For Full Time Firefighter

The city of Smithville approved the funding of a full time firefighter. Smithville Fire Chief Charlie Parker said he has asked the city for the past 12 years to fund the position. During this time, only one full time firefighter was approved. The chief himself. Now, Smithville Fire Department will have two. “I look at that as a good start ... Read More »

New Hyder Fire Station Will Fill Gaps

Construction on Putnam County’s new Hyder Farm Fire Department begins this June. Brown said the new station would fill the gap of coverage in the northwestern part of the county. Brown said that’s several hundred homes. “We had a large void in coverage in that area,” Brown said. “We try to have a station within five road miles of any ... Read More »

Clarkrange Fire Hall Moving

The Clarkrange Fire Hall is moving to a renovated location. The highway 127 expansion project has already the current fire hall to be moved. Fire Chief Larry Cooper said the current location is smaller and landlocked. “The exit access to the 127 [highway] was a little critical coming out there,” Cooper said. “This is going to be a more central ... Read More »

Cookeville Wants To Replace 1970s Fire Truck

The Cookeville Fire Department hopes to replace its 48-year-old ladder truck this year. The 1972 American Lafrance fire truck has a 100-foot ladder with no water pump and is unrepairable. Fire Chief Daryl Blair said the new truck will be custom made to the needs of Cookeville. “We are going to try to get the best competitive price for the ... Read More »