Friday, May 24, 2024
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CRMC To Update Surgical Equipment For Whitney Center

The Cookeville Regional Board of Trustees approved the replacement of two surgical towers for the surgery center on Whitney Thursday night.

CEO Paul Korth said that the equipment is the actual cameras and recording devices that a physician would use during an operation. He said that the current equipment is approximately seven years old.

“This gets us up to what they call 4K technology,” Korth said. “Just like your TVs over the years, your TVs get better clarity, and that’s exactly what these scopes and cameras and TVs do.”

Dr. Scott Copeland said that a significant amount of orthopedic, general, and GYN surgeries nowadays are done with cameras and scopes both arthroscopically and laparoscopically.

“And the equipment that we had was outdated,” Copeland said. “The images were not good. So this essentially just updated that equipment that’s vital to those types of surgeries.”

Chief Financial Officer Tommye Rena Wells said that towers were budgeted for some $414,000. She said that they will be purchased for $403,890.