Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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CRMC Board Of Trustees Honors Service Of Allen Ray

Cookeville Regional’s Board of Trustees honored long-serving member Allen Ray Thursday night. Ray has been on the board since July 2015, also serving as its chairman. Attorney Danny Rader presented a resolution thanking Ray for his service. “I have particularly taken to heart the lesson you’ve taught about the importance of considering CRMC a provider of community healthcare services to ... Read More »

Cookeville Regional CEO Paul Korth Gets Positive Evaluation

Cookeville Regional Medical Center CEO Paul Korth received high marks on his annual performance review. Attorney Dan Rader was asked by the board to conduct the confidential evaluation. He said Korth’s evaluation was “very good, if not excellent.” “And I think everybody knows what a tumultuous year we’ve had in the healthcare field and in particular Cookeville with a lot ... Read More »

CRMC To Consider N. Cedar Land Purchase For Additional Parking

Cookeville Regional Medical Center will consider purchasing some 40,000 square feet of land on North Cedar Avenue. The hospital board’s Finance Committee approved the purchase Tuesday night. CEO Paul Korth said the city of Cookeville offered the land back to the hospital after closing on it. “We will use this for parking, I think it will be extended parking for ... Read More »

CRMC Celebrates Opening Of New Sports Medicine Facility

Cookeville Regional celebrated the official launch of its new sports medicine center off of South Willow Avenue Wednesday. Shona Davis Smith is the Director of Therapy Services at CRMC. She said that there has been a huge need for such a facility in the area. “At outpatient therapy, if you’ve had a stroke, and you need neural rehab that would ... Read More »

CRMC’s Frontline Food Park Gets Positive Reviews After Opening

Cookeville Regional’s new “Frontline Food Park” has seen some major success since launching last week. Chief Strategy Officer Ricky Shelton said that such an option was long-requested by employees. He said that their goal is to have two to three trucks every day, and eventually options for the night shift as well. “It’s kind of hard, you know, if you ... Read More »

Despite Cost Increases, Spring St. Sidewalks Part 1 Approved

Cookeville will go forward with phase one of the East Spring Street Sidewalk project. Council approved Thursday night spending some $469,000 to fund the project. Just one bidder came forward on the project which would build sidewalks from Old Kentucky Road to Raider Drive. T-DOT delays have caused the costs to grow astronomically. City Manager James Mills said the original ... Read More »

CRMC Budgets Almost $7M More For Staff Wage Increase

Cookeville Regional to increase its budget for salaries, wages, and benefits for fiscal year 2023 by almost $7 million. Chief Financial Officer Tommye Rena Wells said that brings that budget item up to some $155 million. “During the current fiscal year, the facility increased our wages by almost $7 million for various market adjustments,” Wells said. “In an effort to ... Read More »

CRMC Seeing Lower COVID Numbers, Hoping For Downward Trend

Cookeville Regional seeing some of the lowest COVID patient numbers in weeks. As of Tuesday morning, the hospital had some 31 patients in its facility. CEO Paul Korth said that he attributes this to the omicron variant running its course. “We’re hoping that we’re starting to trend down,” Korth said. “I’ve been in contact with hospitals throughout the state from ... Read More »

CRMC To Update Surgical Equipment For Whitney Center

The Cookeville Regional Board of Trustees approved the replacement of two surgical towers for the surgery center on Whitney Thursday night. CEO Paul Korth said that the equipment is the actual cameras and recording devices that a physician would use during an operation. He said that the current equipment is approximately seven years old. “This gets us up to what ... Read More »

CRMC Releases Mandatory COVID Vaccine Policy

Cookeville Regional has adopted a mandatory COVID vaccine policy Friday in response to the new rule coming down from the federal government. According to the policy, mandates will be in place for employees, volunteers, students, contract staff, vendors and medical staff. These employees have a deadline of December 5th. Workers will also have the option to apply for exemption based ... Read More »