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CRMC Finance Committee Delays Contract On Health Record System

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional’s Board Of Trustees Finance Committee voted Tuesday night to table a contract extension on the center’s health record system. Committee members, led by Dr. Ernest Buchanan, voiced concerns about the system and ongoing problems that have not been fixed. Altera Digital Health had proposed a five-year contract extension at a price of some $6.16 million. “They’ve got open ... Read More »

Wheaton: New State Seal Banners Represent Cookeville Pride

New banners depicting Cookeville’s new city seal have gone up on light posts in downtown Cookeville. Cookeville City Mayor Laurin Wheaton said the banners were a group effort led by Administrative Assistant Tracy Johnson. The Leisure Services Department staff installed the new banners. “Being on city council I’m so honored and proud to represent and to serve Cookeville,” Wheaton said. ... Read More »

CRMC Making Gains On Recruiting And Hiring More Staff

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional Medical Center is making gains on hiring more staff to join the facility. CEO Buffy Key said she attributes that to more employees returning to healthcare after COVID, as well as a return of the hospital’s workplace culture. “I’m constantly trying to communicate with them and that’s the most important thing,” Key said. “Because I remember being that ... Read More »

Key Named Permanent Cookeville Regional Medical Center CEO

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional Medical Center officially appoints Buffy Key as the permanent CEO of the hospital. The decision came from the Board of Trustees meeting Thursday night. Key said she plans to continue the moment she has had since becoming the interim CEO. “We’ve got to reinvest in our people reinvest in our communication, make sure everything we’re doing is exactly ... Read More »

CRMC Starting 4W/5W Expansion Project July 5th

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Construction on Cookeville Regional’s 4W/5W project set to begin Wednesday, increasing the hospital’s bed capacity. The project is set to cost some $16.4 million. Marketing and Communications Director Hannah Davis said it will add 40 additional beds as well as a six-unit dialysis center. “This is going to better meet the needs of patients in our community and we have ... Read More »

CRMC Honor Long-Time Chaplain Kelly Stockton

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional Medical Center honored longtime chaplain Kelly Stockton at its Board of Trustees meeting Thursday night. Stockton said he has been working at the hospital since 2010. He said he is constantly inspired by the hospital employees for their dedication and drive. “Especially through the COVID issue, those folks, every department in this hospital was giving everything they have ... Read More »

CRMC Job Fair Tuesday: New Partnership, Approach

Cookeville Regional Medical Center will try to fill some of its 400+ jobs Tuesday at a job fair. The event is a joint venture of the American Job Center and UC Workforce Development. It is an attempt to reach out to those who are not currently a member of the job force across the region. Cookeville Regional Interim CEO Buffy ... Read More »

Wells: CRMC Thankful For Legislature Assist With Uncompensated Care

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

The legislature’s plan to help hospitals cover some of their uncompensated care expenses will help Cookeville Regional. Chief Financial Officer Tommye Rena Wells said CRMC provides about some $30 million annually in uncompensated health care across the Upper Cumberland. She said with increased personnel and supply costs, every hospital is carefully watching its budget numbers right now. “It’s been very ... Read More »

Renovations Of Cookeville Regional 4 West/5 West Take Next Step

Cookeville Regional’s Finance Committee approved a letter of agreement to move forward with renovations of the medical center’s 4 West and 5 West facilities. Interim CEO Buffy Key said the $16.4 million project would include a six-unit dialysis center. It would also increase the hospital’s capacity to 309 beds. Board Member Danny Rader said the additional 40 beds would help. ... Read More »

New CRMC Equipment Services Agreement Projects $10M In Saving Over Five Years

CRMC, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

A new equipment services agreement projected to save Cookeville Regional  more than $10 million over the next five years. CRMC has signed an agreement with SPBS to manage the lifespan of its equipment, including repairs and replacements. Cookeville Regional’s Melinda Poston said the medical center currently spends about $6 million annually on service and maintenance contracts. “We’ve not had a ... Read More »