Friday, October 7, 2022
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Shelton: CRMC Full With 56 COVID Patients Housed

Cookeville Regional Chief Strategy Officer Ricky Shelton said the administration is concerned about the rising number of housed COVID patients. Shelton said the number of hospitalizations are the highest since January of this year. “We were very busy and near capacity before this rise,” Shelton said. “Now as you can imagine, we are very full. Today, we have 56 positive ... Read More »

Doctor’s Job Status Gets Cookeville City Council Airing

The job status of a longtime Cookeville cardiac surgeon became a public discussion topic at Thursday night’s City Council meeting. Council Member Charles Womack called the departure of Dr. Lewis Wilson “a travesty.” “(Wilson) has been given a contract which is just impossible for him to take,” Womack said. “He called me this afternoon and said that the contract that ... Read More »

New CRMC Drama: Resolution On Reporting All Salaries Fails

A Cookeville City Council resolution that would have required the Cookeville Regional Board of Trustees to provide salary information on every CRMC employee failed Thursday night. The latest in the soap opera surrounding CRMC’s budget and the Ricky Shelton hiring came with Council Member Charles Womack’s surprise resolution requiring the Trustees to submit salary information quarterly. Womack did not discuss ... Read More »

Cookeville City Council To Hold Special CRMC Budget Meeting

The first reading of the Cookeville Regional Medical Center budget will not be considered Thursday because of a council member absence. Council members went ahead with a work session Tuesday afternoon on the $345 million operating budget. Board of Trustees Chair Allen Ray said Cookeville Regional’s proposed budget means more than just dollars. “These surgeons and these doctors are doing ... Read More »

Spreadsheet Error Latest Issue In CRMC-City Council Budget

A spreadsheet error found in the Cookeville Regional budget has become the latest issue in Cookeville City Council’s approval of that budget. Administrators found the $400,000 issue as they prepared the final budget documents for next week’s first reading by council. Chief Financial Officer Tommye Rena Wells said she found the error in the marketing and other expense line items. ... Read More »

CRMC Wants To Continue Reinvestment In Community

Council member Eric Walker said Cookeville Regional continues to grow, but the payment to the city remains the same. During a first in-depth work session on the CRMC budget Tuesday, Walker said he did not want to see the hospital go private, but he did believe there was room for the medical center to do more for Cookeville. Cookeville Regional ... Read More »

Council Approves Actuarial Study To Clean Up Retirement Issues

Cookeville City Council approved an actuarial study Thursday night to try and correct the retirement records of the city and Cookeville Regional. The state made a mistake in the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System during the 1999 medical center split from the city. Hospital employees should have been transferred from the city account to the hospital entity. That did not happen, ... Read More »

Council Votes To Cease Shelton Investigation

Over the objections of Charles Womack, the Cookeville City Council voted Thursday night to cease the investigation into Mayor Ricky Shelton’s hiring at Cookeville Regional. “From the outside and from what this council can view, Mr. Shelton hasn’t done anything wrong in the eyes of this council,” Council Member Eric Walker said. “And for what this council has the authority ... Read More »

Livingston Man Injured In Tractor-Trailer Crash On I-40

A Livingston man was injured Thursday morning when he collided with a tractor-trailer while merging onto Interstate 40. 20-year-old William Oliver of Livingston suffered minor injuries and was transported to Cookeville Regional. Oliver was merging onto the interstate from Highway 111. Oliver merged from the off-ramp into the right hand lane and then the left hand lane. He stuck a ... Read More »