Saturday, December 2, 2023
Happening Now

Cookeville’s Life Church Partnering With Prescott South For South Campus Location

Cookeville’s Life Church will expand to a new South Campus location at Prescott South Middle School.

Alex Lisic will serve as the new campus’ pastor. He said the idea has been in the works for some time, but was delayed because of COVID.

“We’re always looking for more ways to reach people in the community and we’re looking for more ways to help people find connection,” Lisic said. “And as our church continues to grow, we realize that one location in Cookeville is simply not enough.”

Lisic said the partnership with Prescott South will be mutually beneficial. The church will be able to utilize its auditorium that seats nearly 1,000, can use its gym for a kid space, and the school itself is designed to host a large number of people.

Lisic said the church is hoping to help the school in a variety of ways, including by becoming an official adopter of the school. He said they will also be able to help Prescott South with some of its pressing financial needs.

Lisic said the weekend will be service-oriented, with a focus on outreach during the week days.

“We’re going to have all of the major things that you will expect at any Life Church campus,” Lisic said. “We’ll have live worship at all of our services, we have a fantastic kids ministry (…) As far as the weekend service would go, it’s very much what you would expect. You’ll come in on a Sunday, and we’ve got all of the different areas set up we’ll have great signage set up pointing you where you need to go and people that will help you along the way. Our adult services will help inside the auditorium at Prescott on Sundays.”

“Then during the week, we’ll be focused on smaller-knit community groups as well as different outreach opportunities to help beautify the city and work with non-profits in the area.”

Lisic said Life Church will host a vision meeting on October 20th on Cookeville’s North Campus to talk about the mission at the new campus as well as answer any questions the congregation may have.