Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Happening Now

Cookeville’s First Baptist And Stevens Street Baptist Holding Joint Worship

Cookeville’s First Baptist Church and Stevens Street Baptist Church to come together for joint worship services this weekend.

First Baptist Music Pastor Greg Huff said the idea came about as a way to celebrate Stevens Street Baptist Church’s 75th year. He said because First Baptist is Stevens Street Baptist’s parent church, a joint worship service just makes sense.

“We’re going to wind up in Heaven together and worshipping the Son together for eternity, so anytime we can do it here, why not do it,” Huff said. “And it’s also just a joy to do it’s a joy to get that many voices together and all sing with one purpose, unified and worshipping their Savior.”

Huff said the service will include both choirs and orchestras from each church. He said this adds up to about 110 choir members and 30 orchestra members.

“Our DNAs are very similar in that we are a choir and orchestra and do a lot of the same songs,” Huff said. “So it doesn’t look very different from what we do year-to-year, except that the choir is double the size and the orchestra is double the size.”

Huff said because the Friday and Sunday night services were reserved quickly, they decided to add a third chance for worship on Sunday afternoon. He said the early popularity of the joint service has the church leaders already looking at plans for next year.

Huff said if you are unable to reserve a spot to join in person, there is a capability to live stream the service online.