Friday, August 12, 2022
Happening Now

Cookeville Approves Bids For Two Sewer Rehab Projects

Cookeville Water Quality Control Department will begin the process for two sewer rehab projects.

Director Designee Barry Turner said that the department is seeking to do camera work, manhole cover repairs, and pipe bursting. He said that they try to repair a few manholes a year, but the city has only done one pipe bursting project before now.

“It’s fairly common elsewhere, but the line has to be in really bad shape before you pipe burst it,” Turner said. “Or you need to upsize it. And this one, we’re going size on size. But these three lines are such that some of the other methods can’t be used to rehab it.”

Turner said the bid for camera work and manhole repairs came in at $206,168. He said that the pipe bursting low bid came in at some $275,934.

Cookeville City Council approved the bids at its Thursday night meeting. Turner said that the next step will be to execute contracts with the companies.

Turner said that when the projects get closer to starting, both the company and the city will issue notices.