Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Celina EMS Gets State Help By Allowing EMT Students To Work

The State Department of Emergency Services has given Celina EMS permission to let local EMT students drive ambulances.

Mayor Luke Collins said the opportunity means progress in finding workers for a short staffed ambulance department.

“We appreciate the state helping us on that, and we have spoke with some schools,” Collins said. “I know there are some EMT students that’s going to be graduating in February, and we hope we can get some of those folks hired and help with the problem.”

Collins said so far, one student has already began. Collins said a certified paramedic must be present for each run for a student to drive.

“There’s a nation wide shortage currently and an Upper Cumberland shortage of EMTs and paramedics,” Collins said.

However, work still continues on a new plan of action to bring more workers to the department. Collins said Aldermen as well as current EMS workers are working together to implement new incentives.

“It’s still in the stage of trying to work out who would be paying and how much and how many of those things that they have asked for that we can do,” Collins said. “It’s kind of a process.”

Celina officials had a work session scheduled last week to discuss options, but the meeting was cancelled due to a family matter with an Alderman. Collins said those discussions will still happen but at the monthly Board of Aldermen meeting.