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Former Celina Patrol Officer Speaks Out

A former Celina Patrol Officer said Mayor Luke Collins did in fact send him home until Chief Terry Scott returned from medical leave. Justin Hancock said he was employed as a certified officer from June 2021 until December 1st of this year. Hancock said when Scott went on medical leave, he did his best as the only full-time officer to ... Read More »

Collins Says City Is Feeling Effects Of Nationwide Police Shortage

Celina Mayor Luke Collins said he did not instruct police officers to go home while Chief Terry Scott recovers from medical leave. Collins said the city has been dealing with a nationwide police shortage and as of Tuesday, did not have officers working in the city’s department. He said the County Sheriff’s Office has been aiding the city with law ... Read More »

Celina Mayor Discusses Federal Hospital Designation With Senator Blackburn

Senator Marcia Blackburn supportive of Celina’s efforts to reopen Cumberland River Hospital. That is according to Celina Mayor Luke Collins who spoke with Blackburn Monday about a federal COVID program that could be used to help fund the closed facility. “She definitely supports rural hospitals and is definitely interested in helping us get our hospital open,” Collins said. “We feel ... Read More »

Clay Community Disappointed With Turnout At Hospital Meeting

Some Clay County residents expressed disappointment with the lack of community investment at Thursday night’s Cumberland River Hospital meeting. Just 20 individuals attended the community meeting at the facility to discuss the possibilities for the hospital. This included three county commissioners and one city official, Mayor Luke Collins. Tom Rohyans said with a decision that affects the whole community, there ... Read More »

Celina Splash Pad Moving Forward Following Corp Approval

The Army Corp of Engineers has granted Celina permission to start construction on a splash pad at Donaldson Park. Mayor Luke Collins sad he is excited to see the project move forward after a year long process to get the approval, “The next thing would be to decide exactly what kind of splash pad we want, what size and the ... Read More »

Celina/Clay Chamber Finishes Improvement Projects At Donaldson Park

The Donaldson Park tennis and basketball courts have been fully refurbished. Celina Mayor Luke Collins said the chamber of commerce over a year ago received grant funding to conduct the work. “The tennis courts have been redone,” Collins said. “New nets and the surface has been redone. So now we have two tennis courts which can also be used for ... Read More »

Celina Mayor To Present Paving Loan For Aldermen Approval

Celina Mayor Luke Collins has identified a $2 million rural development loan to possibly fund several paving projects in the city. Collins said the plan is to resurface 14 miles of street. “Some of them have a lot of potholes in them, and some of them where work has been done the road had to be dug up and patched,” ... Read More »

Celina Mayor Admits Controversial Sign Was Placed By His Orders

Celina Mayor Luke Collins confirmed Monday that he told city employees to place the sign regarding drug use on an affordable housing property. Collins said the sign was placed after two residents that live near the property voiced concern about drug use there. Collins said he made a promise to the residents to take action. “There’s some folks that said ... Read More »

Celina Aldermen Unaware With Who Installed Controversial Sign

The person or party behind a controversial sign regarding drugs in Celina remains unknown. The sign that has since been removed read “To drug dealers and dope heads, this is not Amsterdam, this is Celina Tennessee. We will put you in jail.” It was located on a Highlands Residential Services property without permission. Alderman Winton Dillon said he does not ... Read More »

Two Celina Roads Being Targeted In Paving Project Out For Bid

Celina targeting River Road and East Lake Avenue through its paving efforts in this new fiscal year. Mayor Luke Collins said the city is currently accepting bids for paving rates. “We had an engineering group that did a road survey, and then we had some local people that did one,” Collins said. “Amazingly, the local folks and the engineering group ... Read More »