Sunday, July 21, 2024
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CDC Guidelines Still Recommend Five-Day Quarantine If COVID Positive

COVID remains a steady presence in the Upper Cumberland.

However, CRMC Infection Prevention Manager Stephanie Etter said  the hospital has seen a steady low average of hospitalizations. She said it is important to follow the CDC’s guidelines when testing positive in order to maintain that low number.

“The CDC guidelines really haven’t changed that much over the last few months,” Etter said. “You should still isolate for five days and mask for five days after that if you’ve test positive. And then also just take the general precautions.”

Etter said they are seeing less people needing in-hospital care and more just treating symptoms. She said recent trends of hospitalizations for COVID cases come from the elderly who have pre-existing other health conditions.

Etter said as illness continues, the basic prevention such as hand-washing and distancing when possible are key to health. She said it is also important to make sure you stay home when you are sick to protect others.