Monday, September 25, 2023
Happening Now

White Co Splitting Some $5 Million For Water Infrastructure Improvements

White County will divide some $5 million between four utility districts for water infrastructure projects.

The money comes from the state’s COVID money meant for water and sewer improvements. County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson said the county received $4 million with a $1 million local match.

“We’re just getting everything ready to go,” Robinson said. “We’re going through the procurement procedure right now for the engineers for each utility district. Then the engineer will give us bid specs for each project.”

Robinson said O’Connor, De-White County, Bon De Croft and Quebeck-Walling Utility Districts will divide the money. Robinson said each project will either focus on water leaks or expanding public water.

“We took applications from those utility districts to see what some of their needs and stuff were to update,” Robinson said. “We have an archaic water system here. The county commission and myself reviewed those applications and made those awards to those utility districts.”

Robinson said each district has already completed its scorecard for the state to rank projects appropriate for funding. Robinson said the county is now waiting for the state to confirm the projects that the utility districts selected based on the feedback.

A resolution passed by the county commission Monday night was just a formality to accept the funds from the state.