Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Warren Chosen For Industrial Development Program

The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development approved Warren County for its Property Evaluation Program Tuesday.

Warren County Industrial Development Board Executive Director Wendy Sneed said the program will help the county identify property most primed for industrial development. She said the county submitted eight properties that will be ranked according to how smoothly they could be developed and how effective that development would be. Sneed said the county’s biggest challenge right now is making the most of its overflowing opportunity.

“We’re really excited to be included this year because it’s going to allow us to identify properties, not only for development now, but this will help in strategic planning for like the next five to 30 years in looking at where we think development will go in our county,” Sneed said.

Sneed said properties surrounding the Mountain View Industrial Park have been identified as those most ready for impactful development. The state selected just three counties to be part of this year’s development program.

She said growth is coming to Warren County and this program will help them be prepared to maximize it.

“We’re blessed to have the industry that we do in the county,” Sneed said. “So, we want to keep along that same line of those companies that are community partners, that offer a good wage as we grow. We don’t ever want to go backward.”

She said there is a large industrial park in Coffee County poised to land a massive company soon. She said she hopes to have properties available to house suppliers for that company when it inevitably happens. Sneed said it is also important to have a balance in maintaining the charm and feel of McMinnville and Warren County, even as development and growth happens.

“With that growth, it brings other opportunities for commercial development,” Sneed said. “Shopping, restaurants and retain. You know, we also never want to look past our amazing downtown McMinnville and what the chamber and Main Street has done over the past, you know, 15 years down there with bringing it to life. So, we have a lot of opportunity.”

She said industrial development is key in increasing the median wage in the county. She said wages are the first thing the Industrial Development Board looks at when a company wants to move into town. This study will ensure that when the time comes to land companies looking to move in, the county can select the best ones and set them up with properties that provide ideal opportunities for those companies and for the county.