Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Van Buren Schools To Begin In-House COVID Testing Through Grant

Van Buren County High School looks to begin in-house COVID testing.

Director of Schools Cheryl Cole said the district received some $200,000 through a CDC grant making the operation possible.

“They are not rapid test, but they only take about a day, and it’s through the health department,” Cole said. “It will pay for the nurses salary for this year. It can pay for mental health stuff some of our people can do.”

Cole said the grant also allows improvements for drive-thru testing. Because of that, repaving and striping of the back parking lot of the high school will also be included, Cole said.

“We purchased new AEDs with it also,” Cole said. “They are already here. Our old ones are still functional, but we can’t get the pads to replace them. So, we just purchased four new ones with this grant.”

In other business, the Board of Education also approved school improvement plans for the high school and elementary school. The principals of each school presented the academic plan of action Wednesday. It covers college and career readiness, safe schools and achievement goals.

Renovations on the school system’s playgrounds also began. The $147,000 project was approved by the board in August.