Sunday, September 15, 2019
Happening Now

Van Buren County Receives Diabetes Grant Funding

Van Buren County will receive Project Diabetes grant funding through the Tennessee Department of Health.

County Mayor Greg Wilson said the county hopes to install new playground equipment at each of the county’s community centers.

“We’ve now placed walking tracks at every community center throughout the county, so in the middle of those we’re going to put playground equipment for the kids while their parents or grandparents are walking on the walking track,” Wilson said. “That gets kids out to play outside, so that’s a big plus as well.”

The county will receive $150,000 per year for over the next three years.

Wilson said the county also plans to construct an indoor fitness facility at Spencer City Park with the grant funding

“The exercise building that we’re going to be doing is going to be located inside the city limits of Spencer,” Wilson said. “We’ve already got it staged and we’re fixing to do other work as well… That’s going to be pretty awesome because it’s going to have a walking track with exercise equipment in the middle of the walking track.”

The state previously awarded diabetes grant funding to Van Buren schools from 2016-2019 for nutrition education and a walking track.