Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Happening Now

Van Buren County Elects New Mayor, Sheriff

David Sullivan is the new mayor of Van Buren County. Sullivan won convincingly with 1,018 votes. Candidate Jessica Grissom received 653 votes. Candidate Kelly Dishman got 370 votes.

“With my policy for the future, I hope to have communication with the general public and also an open door policy for people to come in and discuss problems,” Sullivan said. “We may not be able to fix them all, but you can at least discuss them.”

The county also voted for a new Sheriff in Michael Brock. He doubled his opponents votes with 1,393. Candidate Mark Evans tallied 685 votes.

As for the county commission, Dusty Madewell will serve in District 1. He got 201 votes. Cale Crain will also serve with 196 votes. In District 2, Terry Hodges got the most votes with 191. It was close for the second commission seat. Michael Chandler edged out Incumbent Bill Mosley by eight votes 169-161.

Terry Hickey won in District 3. He received 143 votes. Brickford Wall won the second seat beating Craig Chandler 117-115.

In District 4, Preston-Tabitha Denney got the most votes with 197. Kenny Smith in a close second with 189. The District 5 race was not close. Jordan Delong got 255 votes. Michael Woodlee earned the second seat with 108 votes.