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Schools Closed Wednesday For Weather Threat

Concerns about possible severe weather Wednesday have led Upper Cumberland school systems to close Wednesday. “It’s really for the safety of our students and for our teachers and staff and administration,” Communications Supervisor Buddy Pearson as Putnam County Schools will be closed Wednesday. Pearson said the director of schools spent time Tuesday in contact with Putnam County Emergency Management to ... Read More »

UC Farmers Eligible For Loans After Fall Drought

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Farmers in several Upper Cumberland counties are eligible for federal loans in the aftermath of the fall drought conditions. The US Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency offering loans to help producers recover. Farmers in Cumberland, Dekalb, Fentress, Putnam, Smith, Van Buren, Warren and White Counties are eligible. Greer Gill is outreach and public affairs coordinator for the agency. She ... Read More »

Legion, Van Buren Officials Team Up For Training Monday

The American Legion and the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office are partnering for an active shooter training presentation Monday night. Van Buren Administrative Lieutenant Bill Davis said he will teach residents the basics of survival in the event of a shooting. Davis said leadership from the Legion reached out to the Sheriff’s Office and they thought it would be a ... Read More »

Van Buren Committee Wants To Increase Security For Spencer Convenience Center

Van Buren County’s Committee A is looking to increase security at the Spencer Convenience Center because of theft and other issues with the center’s camera system. County officials said electronics were recently unplugged and a chain stolen from the office. County Commissioner Cale Crain said there is only one functioning camera at the center at this time. “We need cameras ... Read More »

Van Buren Election Seeking Polling Locations; Asked To Move By School

Van Buren School System is requesting the county’s Election Commission to move their District 1 and 5 polling locations. Polling is currently conducted inside the Van Buren High Auxiliary gym across the street from the school after school hours. Election Committee Chairman Kurt Powers said he asked the Director of Schools for help finding another location. Powers said that finding ... Read More »

Van Buren Spencer Elementary Enforces Traffic Procedure

Spencer Elementary officials set to enforce stricter traffic rules for child pick-up and drop-off. School Principal Amanda Binkley said the code enforcement is in an attempt to relieve congestion. Binkley said that the procedures announced have always been in place, but have lately not been followed. “There are cones that are placed along Sparta Street that prevent from being about ... Read More »

State Comptroller Pleased With Van Buren Progress, Will Continue Regular Supervision

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office pleased with Van Buren County’s progress, taking them off of the heightened supervision list. Comptroller Communications Director John Dunn said Van Buren originally went under heightened supervision in 2020 when concerns arose about the county’s spending. He said it appeared that the county was letting its cash reserves fall to a risky level and had failed ... Read More »

New Alert Form Will Help Van Buren Responders Locate Missing Persons

Van Buren’s Alert Form will decrease response time to locate missing children and adults under guardianship. Sheriff Michael Brock said the form was created in response to requests from concerned citizens. The citizens wanted to help shorten the time it takes for authorities to begin their search for missing persons. “It all started when that parent reached out to me ... Read More »

Bitcoin Mining Facility Could Come To Van Buren Industrial Park

Caney Fork Electric can provide the 10 megawatts needed by a proposed VBC bitcoin mining facility. Contractor Cliff Evans met with Van Buren County officials Tuesday. Evans said he represents a Little Rock Arkansas company that wants to build the facility in the Van Buren County Industrial Park. Evans said 300-plus computers that do the mining are housed in a ... Read More »

Van Buren Health Department Asbestos Presence Better Than Anticipated

Officials did discover asbestos at the Van Buren County Health Department, but the presence was less than anticipated. The testing came as officials prepare to remodel and expand the facility on Old McMinnville Street. County Public Health Director Angela Slaven said the news was better than what they feared. “Estimated abatement costs currently is eight thousand dollars,” Slaven said. “Which ... Read More »