Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Happening Now

Jackson’s Polk Sallet Festival Showcasing Upgrades

Jackson County’s 46th annual Polk Sallet Festival underway, showcasing the newly ungraded Fairgrounds Community Building.

Jackson County Mayor Randy Heady said the building is upgraded and almost complete, but still has some work to be done. He said the kitchen is fully renovated. He said downtown Gainesboro businesses have put together a “Shop Hop” event on Saturday as well. He said the businesses working in conjunction with the festival to promote Gainesboro and Jackson County is “the coolest thing ever.”

“You can come to Gainesboro and have a day of shopping and walking around and enjoying downtown Gainesboro,” Heady said. “Go over to the fairgrounds and enjoy the small carnival and, at the same time, do some shopping over there.”

Heady said the carnival is set up and vendors are piling into booths in preparation for the big event. The yearly event includes food, attractions, competitions, and more.