Thursday, October 21, 2021
Happening Now

UCRA Air Fair Show Ticket Sales Increase, Expecting To Cover Costs

The planning and financials of the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport’s Air Fair were discussed on Tuesday night.

Airport Manager Dean Selby said it has been a big project to plan, but that is what he asked for. Selby said that luckily, as the Air Fair approaches the October 22 and 23 date, the event’s finances are lining up with what is needed.

“We’re well on the way toward, I believe we will cover our costs and hopefully and then some,” Selby said. “But if we break even with it that is a pretty big deal.”

Selby said the airport is projecting between $30,000 to $35,000 in revenue up to this point. He said that includes ticket sales, vendor contracts and event sponsors.

Selby said that recently engagement has been up and ticket sales have increased since board members asked about the event at the last meeting. Selby said he is still trying to nail things down for military aircraft.

“I’m working on some more big aircraft, some different larger aircraft,” Selby said. “That’s coming and going with the military, the military is so back and forth. They are the most wishy-washy group of people. They can’t make commitments and I understand that. It’s so hard to plan something around somebody that goes, ‘maybe, probably, possibly perhaps,’ so that’s where we’re at on that, I think it’s coming along pretty good and I think it will be a pretty neat event.”

Selby said at this time, they will be able to offer DC-3 airplane, helicopter and hot air balloon rides. However, Selby said that hot air balloon rides will be tentative on the weather.

Selby said he does not expect issues with parking during the Air Fair. He said there is more spaces available than in the past and feels confident in his volunteer base to help coordinate.