Monday, October 2, 2023
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Fuel Contamination Reported At Regional Airport, Cleanup Process Begins

Upper Cumberland Regional Airport officials found fuel contamination in the soil around an underground fuel tank. Airport Engineer Richard Rinks said the work continues to determine the extent of the issue and then, begin the cleanup process. Rinks said he had no idea the financial ramifications of cleaning up the issue. The issue discovered as airport officials removed the old ... Read More »

UC Regional Airport To Take Next Step In Commercial Process With FAA Pre-Inspection

Upper Cumberland Regional Airport will take the first step towards commercial flight with an upcoming pre-inspection. Airport Manager Dean Selby told the airport board Tuesday he expects the FAA sometime next week. He said once the intensive pre-inspection is complete, the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport will be one of eight in the state with a 139 operating certification, which allows ... Read More »

UC Regional Airport To Further Discuss Prospective Of Becoming Authority

Upper Cumberland Regional Airport Board deferred action on the creation of a regional airport authority after discussing the prospect at its meeting Thursday night citing a desire to have the unanimous approval of legal counsels.  Airport Manager Dean Selby said the potential to change came as a result of the airport learning it was operating as an airport authority without ... Read More »

Upper Cumberland Regional Airport Named T-DOT Airport Of The Year

Upper Cumberland Regional Airport named the 2022 Airport of the Year by T-DOT Aeronautics. Airport Manager Dean Selby said it is nice to have recognition for the airport’s efforts. He said he believes the recognition comes as a result of the airport’s commitment to bring in private partners for revenue and funding at the airport. “The less you’re asking for ... Read More »

UC Regional Airport Board Members Discuss Acting As Board Vs. Authority

Upper Cumberland Regional Airport Board members trying to decide if the airport should continue being managed by a board, or if it should transition to an authority. Airport Manager Dean Selby said an authority operates as a separate entity, typically like the railroad authority or water utility districts. He said while the airport essentially already operates as an authority with ... Read More »

UC Regional Airport AWOS Upgrades Will Improve Local Forecasting

Upper Cumberland Regional Airport has completed upgrades on its Automated Weather Operating System and has installed the equipment for a present weather sensor. Airport Manager Dean Selby said this will allow the airport to do more localized weather forecasting. He said they are now waiting for the National Weather Service to incorporate the sensor into its network. “This will create ... Read More »

Friday Crash-Landing At UCRA Caused By Engine Failure

A crash-landing at the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport Friday night now being investigated by the FAA. Airport Manager Dean Selby said a pilot experiencing engine failure landed just short of the runway on the airport’s grounds. He said these types of incidents are not very common. “Because of the fact that people want to hear about aircraft accidents, you’ll see ... Read More »

UC Air Fair Hot Air Balloon Rides Dictated By Wind Conditions

Visitors to the Upper Cumberland Air Fair this weekend will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try a hot air balloon ride. Pilot Fred Poole is one of three pilots who can take riders up to 1,400 feet in the air above the Upper Cumberland in his 210,000 cubic feet balloon named “Joy.” Poole said the key to success this weekend ... Read More »