Thursday, February 29, 2024
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UCHRA Super Distribution To Serve Increased Volume Of Food In December

UCHRA is giving out some four times the normal amount of food during its December distributions.

Community Services Program Manager Judy Sanchez said they have received extra food through the USDA Commodities Program. Sanchez said vegetables, nuts, beef, and salmon will be available for pickup during events.

“All this extra food is going out into the community to all of the 14 counties and it’s just a really big blessing to be able to help the people of the Upper Cumberland, especially during this holiday season when food prices are so high and it’s just hard to make ends meet anymore,” Sanchez said.

Food giveaways began Tuesday and continue through December 20. Sanchez said each distribution event will be extended by two hours to account for the extra volume.

“If they’ll just be patient with us and just keep up that Christmas cheer throughout this holiday season, I just hope they enjoy what they’re getting, and it’s a blessing to them as much as it is to us to be able to help,” Sanchez said.

This month, Sanchez said, rather than the typical brown bag with two cans of different vegetables, people will revive a case of 12 cans of each item. Sanchez said the extra food gives people the chance to show their own generosity by sharing what they receive with family members or neighbors. She said these events are vital to low-income Upper Cumberland communities, particularly during this time of year.

“A lot of our people that we work with, they are on very small fixed incomes and a lot of the elderly that are on these incomes may receive food stamps, but they’re looking at the minimum amount of $14, $15, $20 a month and that just doesn’t go very far anymore,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez said potential clients can self-report their income to the UCHRA to apply for distribution events. The UCHRA website shows a list of times and locations.